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Stop wasting time – Life is now.

That is the line I wanted to use on my card. Or something along those lines: Wasted time – life is a present / life is present. Waste of time.

A while ago I ordered a grabbag of VivalasVegastamps along with a few I chose myself. In it were some stamps I’d never use as they don’t fit me, and I thought this one was one of them. I couldn’t for the life of me imagine a card with this stamp, as the image reminded me of a Beverly Hills “I’m important”- type person who doens’t have time for you, so why would I use it? I had negative feelings toward the image. That is why I thought along the lines of “wasted time”.

The image in question is that of the woman calling. It’s impersonal, as it’s not you she’s calling with. It’s like you are watching someone who is on the phone, and who is completely ignoring you. At least, that’s how I saw it.

But, what would I do with a card that was so negative? I’d certainly not send it to someone. That is the problem with several quotes I like as well, who do you send them to?

So I thought about a possible use for the image, as I had stamped it. It’s about connecting people. Maybe: Time for an update? But that is stupid, why send a card, suggesting the other person call you and give an update? Why not call myself? So it had to be: Time for an update! As a card instead of a call. The exclamation mark is a bit lost sadly. Alright, time to show the card.


I added the Dr. Who telephone boot as a bit of a joke. (ok, it’s mostly a regular telephone boot, but that’s not what I thought when I saw the stamp image) (this was one of the stamps I selected from VivalasVegaStamps). The phone booth is stamped with Versafine grey, the main image and text with Stazon Jet Black (it’s faded a bit, eventhough I reinked it) I didn’t want to glue the image down onto a plain white card, and didn’t want to layer it. So I added a pattern to the card, and to give it more of a friendly and talk-between-friends feeling I added the teacup from the Pixie Glade stamp set from Prima marketing with Stazon Jet Black. Oh, and the shading is done with a distress marker onto an acryllic block and applied with a waterbrush, inking the edge is done with the marker directly and then quickly go over it with a waterbrush (dipped in a bit of black sooth distress ink fro mthe block).


This is my second entry for the Vandicrafts Artistry Challenge #14, Black and white.

Oh I did start making black and white christmas cards, but they’re not finished yet and won’t be finished on time. So I sort of stuck to my intention to make each card a christmas card.

And now, for my own pleasure, a picture of one of my best creations ever.


an And here is another adorable picture of an adorable boy. He’s mine, so ofcourse I find him very very cute, pretty, sweet and perfect. I’m not much of a babyperson unless they’re mine, so no harm done if you don’t think he’s adorable. (Though don’t tell me please :P).



3 thoughts on “Stop wasting time – Life is now.

  1. Your beautiful and precious baby far outshadows any card you could make, Debbie! My thoughts about your card have, in fact, flown right out of my brain! Goodness me, that lad could be a baby model, he is so perfect!!

    Okay, I scrolled back up so I could be reminded of your card, which I find quite compelling and like a cartoon panel from my day. Very awesome shading and I totally get your thought process about the quote. I mean, look at her! Obviously she has become an international espionage agent and it’s about time she told her best friend that, don’t you think?!! Hugs, Darnell

    • Thanks for your visit, and the compliments :D. Even when he’s awake he’s adorable – his smile when he sees me just makes me melt.

      Was there a card too in this post?

  2. Your little one is completely adorable! I love pictures of other peoples babies as I do not have any of my own yet although we certainly want them. 🙂

    Ok card right! It is a very strong image, I totally get what you mean by how you took it before. You did a great job making it a fun and gave it that “chat between friends” feel. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing on this weeks Artistry Challenge! Be sure to come back Saturday or Sunday to vote for your favorite two crafts. 🙂
    Melissa – Vandicrafts

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