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Black and white. No colour?!

Yup, that’s right. A colourless card from me. Never thought I would like the result as much as I do.

For the Vandicrafts Aristry Challenges I had said I would ofcourse follow the theme, but from now on, I’d make every card a christmas card too. And only 2 hours (or half an hour?) later I allready had forgotten I had said that. One of my goals is (“goal” is too big of a word, I’m just trying to..) use up more of my scraps and left overs. Stop making new and finally use the things I have (even if it means I end up painting over them entirely – at least a piece of scrap is gone!).


So back to my intention of making Christmas cards. I think my mind only can remember 2 out of 3 things when I’m tired. Like: Black and white, that is the theme. And then I went searching through scraps. I found the stamped words Time and Life (made for this card), and though I could make fun things with those. Time. Clocks. I had just been browsing through my stamps a bit and noticed some of the mountingfoam ones had become a bit too sticky. One of them is a stamp  from Papermania Urban Stamps. This one would fit the word very well! So out it came, I inked and stamped. Oh and I tore out the words and inked the edges, added “=”.

I still was thinking of the previously used sentence: time is essence of life. Time = life. Creating a life takes time, life cannot be without the passing of time. Give a seed time, and it grows, it lives. Also my neece. Although this phrase doesn’t suit her situation completely, still, with time, she might have a good life again. She’s getting intensive therapy, but progress is slow. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your daughter around, but not having heard her voice since the day of the accident. Oh how my sister must miss her. Let’s get back to the card. Other phrases that I thought of: time of my life, lifetime, the time, the life. (sentences with “live” weren’t possible if I wanted to use my scraps first.)

Time and life are important. I’ve written alot about time lately, mostly about the lack of it, but it’s about what you do with the time you have. That doesn’t mean you always have to be busy, or that you can’t just hang around and stare. To me it means, to be more present in the moment. (Not be more in the present, but to experience the present more intense – not just see my children whining for candy, but see how small they still are, how they have their own character, how they are mini people and how glad I am that they are my children.)

Daqadoodles141030do100616I took photo’s of 3 cards quickly between pushing them on the swing. The oldest just had a haircut a few days ago. It’s not too short, as I couldn’t do that (having his curls cut off was plenty of change, I still wanted a “wild” coupe for him). The oldest, on the left, has learned how to swing by himself just a week or 3 ago. The girl, (2 years), can’t do that yet. On this picture she’s in the middle of shouting for me to come push her again.

Back to the card again. Time = life. Time is key to life. Let’d add keys! I stamped and embossed those. I also stamped a clockpointerthingy (wijzer in dutch) to complete my hints. In words, it says: Time = life. But in images, it says: Time = key 2 life. (Ok actually keys, but I only thought of doing that after I had stamped the keys).

Before gluing down the words I “coloured” the non-clock area with black sooth distress ink(marker) on an acryllic block and applied it with a waterbrush.

I like the card, nice result for a fast card.

This card is my entry for Vandicraft’s Artistry Challenge #14, Black and White. Voting on projects is open to participants and visitors in about 2 days and 7 hours (which makes it 2nd of November around 8 in the morning – GMT + 2.


11 thoughts on “Black and white. No colour?!

  1. Your black and white card really resonates with me because I have finally experienced time slowing down instead of speeding by. I attribute the difference in my time perception to having acupuncture treatments which has reduced my anxiety levels 10 fold! Now, instead of my mind racing constantly and my body being flooded with adrenalin, I am able to be more in the present and aware. I have a ‘thing’ about clocks. So again, great job of using up your scraps and black/white is perfect!

    • Oh that sounds very good! Sounds peaceful, and relaxed.
      My mind is racing constantly too (this still needs to be done, I have to start laundry now or I’ll be late to hang it up, need to get bread now as in the afternoon I’ll be busy, my oldest doesn’t want to get dressed so I get the other two ready and then if still needed tackle that issue) and I’m quite impatient a lot of times. I say lack of sleep is the culprit, but I’m just not someone who goes to bed at 22:00. Also, I need time for me. Household is about done at 21:00 (kids to bed, toys stored, dishes washed) and then there’s time for me or to fold the laundry. I prefer the first, and when I craft, I get caught up and don’t want to stop after a short hour.
      I wonder sometimes why I have closets. I think 75% of the clothes are in washing bins – either clean or dirty. And that 75% is about 97% of the clothes we regularly wear.
      (Not only my mind races, my fingers race across the keyboard as well…’

  2. Hi! Awesome card and what a beautiful meaning behind it! I do hope your niece is ok. 😦 I will keep her in my thoughts. You kids are cute as ever! Kudos for you for using your scraps! I myself have a hard time using them as well … I have two large boxes full of scraps … its indecent really. I think I may take a page out of your book and make a few with just my scraps … I certainly have enough to choose from. lol
    Thank you for sharing on this weeks Artistry Challenge! Be sure to come back Saturday or Sunday to vote for your favorite two crafts. 🙂
    Melissa – Vandicrafts

    • Thanks 🙂 My neece is working very hard every day, they put her on a strict schedule of lots of physio. She’s 12, so we keep hoping her brain will rewire the routes the signals have to go and she can express herself again. Two boxes of scraps… I might have that too, depending on the size of your boxes. I know mine expand to a bigger size if a certain pressure is reached. 😉

  3. Debbie not only that card is gorgeous but the meaning you put into it is precious. That’s art on its best, when an artist convey their feelings into their work.
    And yes, treasure those moments because they move from moments to memories in a blink of an eye. Xx

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