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Alien Art

I post all my projects. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Next one doesn’t fall into the first category, but to document and show my learning process/curve, I post this anyway.

The background  was made the same time as the background in the previous post, and added bits of chipboard to it too.


I use the ufo stamp from made by boefje,  The Three Leaves set from Designs by Ryn, the smaller leaf is also from Designs by Ryn, gloss/paper pens, wooden butterflies, distress paint, Crafters Companion text stamp.

Let’s not start at the beginning this time, but halfway through when I didn’t now how to go on from there. It was (is) a bit of an experimental card, trying to incorporate left overs, bits of chipboard. So this is what I had. I didn’t think I could ever turn this into an acceptable card, some sloppy stamping, strange square chipboard pieces, no masking (the U.F.O’s and the leaves are overlapping a lot without masking).

Daqadoodles141005zo173344And now. What to do with the chipboard pieces? They look a bit too much like glued on chipboard pieces still. After some pondering I remembered the little butterflies I had, they were perfect! Like mounted butterflies, trophies on the wall only now strangely soaring through the sky. Hence the text.  The previous card reminded me of wind, arcane spells in the air behind the fairy. The items on this card also seem to be tossed around in the wind.

The text stamp – well, there was not enough contrast between the textand backgrounds, so I went around the letters with a gell pen, where the letters were stamped on an ufo. You can see that I slid a bit with the leaf stamp on the paint, it was a bit slick. I don’t mind, as the stamps got some extra shading and appear to be tossed. (Ok, I only just made that up). All along making the card the focus was on experimenting and mindlessly having fun with the gloss pens from Viva Decor.


Now I still don’t think I’d ever send it, but I think I kind of like the card.
It’s a strange card, but not too bad for some experimenting.

Alien Art.


It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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