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Ronald McDonald-house – sharing hugs.

Daqadoodles140812di155614I’ve told you about my neece who had an accident. My sister has stayed in a Ronald McDonald-house since the accident, first a house in Maastricht, now in Tilburg.

A Ronald McDonaldhouse is a house for families who have a child admitted to the hospital. This enables them to be 5 minutes walking distance away from their child, to be there in a moment if their child needs them. There is space for 4 familymembers in a house, and it costs €18,- a day (wich is usually refunded by the insurance company). Ofcourse those houses cannot operate from that money, they live off donations.

Here is a documentary (in dutch) about the Ronald McDonaldhouse Maastricht, my sister Kim is seen in that video too. (And some of her vilt artwork on the background and als a card I made with a buddha on it).

Consider buying less christmas presents this year, or spend a little less on lush and extravagant dining. Consider donating to the Ronald Mc Donald fund (kinderfonds in the netherlands) or something similar near your place. There are so many charities – consider giving to them, instead of to allready overflowing cupboards and closets, and instead of a large meal (and after the holidays sighing that it’s time to lose weight).

Easy to say, hard to do – I have a lot of stuff. I often say I don’t need more. With some exceptions ofcourse – crafting goods!

As much as I like the cause I’m talking about now, I think I prefer even much more if you find a charity closer to your home, to your community or your family. It makes you feel involved, commited more, and maybe you can even do some charity work. Or donate goods. Look around you and help your community. Improve the world by improving your world around you.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do something craft related? I don’t mean selling cards and donate the money, but something like sending cards to lonely people? Make cards for a retirement home, or for the old lovely lady on the corner. Or the young man living there – it’s not only old people who are lonely. Sometimes it’s hard to connect, to meet new people.

Maybe a good and easy start would be to make a card for every house in your street, or to 20 houses on the left and 20 houses on the right of you. (easy for me to say, there are no residences across our house, so should be doable for me).

Let’s make the world a bit better this year again. And why wait untill christmas – not everyone likes it. Why not do so now?



It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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