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Tyrannosaurus Rex and dining chair cover

I hope you didn’t read that as Tyrannousaurs Rex dining chair cover – our son might like dino’s a lot, to implement it onto our dining chairs is a few steps too far. No, it’s just 2 totally unrelated projects. Or maybe a little related – they both aren’t card projects.

RAAAAAAAAAARGH (My son is a fan of imitating T-rex, lions, tigers and dragons. In other words: roaring (is that the word?) on the top if his lungs. Preferrably INDOORS. Ofcourse. What fun is shouting outside where it doesn’t bother anyone, huh?

Nah, ofcourse he does it outside too, but more often it’s inside when he starts to be a bit bored – he chases his sister then, roaring, often having some kind of attribute in his hand (like a toy dino who “makes that noise”). I heard it’s a phase. (The dino thing, not sure about the roaring). I hope so. At least it isn’t pretty pink princesses. I do really hope my daughter doesn’t get into that phase.


Spot the dino!


This picture was made mostly as a reference so I would know where to draw the lines, as I planned to draw them back on. I didn’t, as I thought the painting was good enough as it was.

The T-rex was bought on a fleamarket, with only lines on him but no colour. So I my son and I set out to paint the T-rex. First, we put gesso on it – he was a tremendous help, and painted very clean and precise! (He is 3 now, will be 4 in April). We let it dry.

He likes purple a lot, so I used purple for the main colour. He didn’t help painting this time, I think I made this a few days before my maternity leave would end.

Docrafts artiste Acryllic paint : Pearl Wisteria, Blackberry and Metallic Amethyst.

Docrafts artiste Acryllic paint : Pearl Wisteria, Blackberry and Metallic Amethyst.

I sprayed some water on it, hoping the paint would react a bit to it, but I think it was too dry allready.

Then I remembered one of my favourite stencils: Cell theory! I have the 6×6 and 12×12 version, ofcourse I used the 12×12 version here. I was very enthousiastic about my idea!

Oooh the first bit... what will it look like?

Oooh the first bit… what will it look like?

I loved how it looked. The paints were a different brand paint (Lukas art I think, bought a long time ago at Hornbach, ad DIY hardware store). Various shades of green, a bit darker where there should be shadow, some turqoise on the little dots, light green on light areas…

Daqadoodles14_09_16_15433Tadaa! Done stencilling!Do you see Mater/Takel, the little brown Disney lego toy from the movies Cars? It’s my daughers favourite at the moment. She just loves him, didn’t want to get into her pyjamas this afternoon for her nap, she wanted to sleep in her shirt with Mater on it, but that was dirty and had to go into the laundry. This evening, after bath she was wearing a onesie with a tractor on it / she didn´t want her pyama sweater on because she wanted to see the tractor. (A very fun orange striped Halloween pyama which friends brought with us from London).

I loved the look, also how I managed to follow the lines of the body with it. You can see my box of paints to the left. I was out of white paint a while before this dino, and bought some from the Xenos. That paint smells chemical! The other paints don’t smell like this one. I was also out of black paint, but at that time in the store I decided I wouldn’t buy black, as I would just mix up dark colours again if I needed anything black-like.

Ofcourse, the times when I want to paint something black I hate it that I don’t have it, but ofcourse I want to go ahead with what I’m doing and mix up dark colours, and eventually love the effect and how I didn’t use black. So when I’m ordering something, the process repeats itself. Eventually I will get it, as maybe I want to do some real black lettering. (Hmm do I? The really dark brown/blue I made looked very good too…)

So now the eyes and nose. Oh and the earhole, musn’t forget that.



I was very proud of the result.

I was afraid about my sons reaction just a bit, as he had seen the purple version and had liked it a lot. Did I mention purple is his favourite colour?


The hammer and clothespin are there so you can estimate the size. Still hard to guess I think.

My fears were justified: My son didn’t like the green! I want it purple mamma! Oh the honesty of children. So I primed the other side (gesso but with purple paint allready). And that’s how it is now, didn’t finish that side I realize now. I guess I was still in doubt about painting over the dots, as he had liked it before and not so much now. It is maybe too scary? Maybe I shold tone down just the head, the scales on the head aren’t lining out very well anyway. Or just save it and sell it at a higher price then the euro/2 euro’s the cutout had cost me as it’s much more of a dino now.

daqadoodles dino before and after

Now quickly to the other project.

Oh wait no, that’s quite a few pictures as well. A different post then.

So, what do you think of the dino, paint over the head or leave it as is?



It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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