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What have marbled pearls and Nils Holgersson have to do with eachother?

Well, nothing really, except that I discovered the fun of marbled pearls while listening to the tune of Nils Holgersson.

First, a tip.

Tip 1: Don’t promise to post something on a date in the very near future if you haven’t written the post yet. If it’s further ahead, make a draft right away! I completely forgot I had promised untill I saw my pearls sheet laying around! So apologies for not doing as promised (“will be out later tonight at latest”) in my previous post. (Which is edited by the way with pictures of the disappearing fairy. Repeat some steps with different inks to make the fairy visible…)

Anyway, after (or during?) making that Autumn card I got distracted by my paper/perlen/gloss pens. This probably isn’t something new, but I disovered it while making the previous autumn card, and it was such fun to do!

What, then?

Marble with the liquid pearls-pens! (Viva Decore gloss gel pen, paper pen or perlen pen)

Pearls pearls pearls (or domed shaped discs or multicoloured pearlsplashes)

AFter the autumn fairy card I made a few more on a card, and loved the look. Oh, about that card!
I have shown you the background card before, it was made with the kitchen foil and acryllic paint technique.



I chose the blue/purple one to work with as it was hard to make something out of it anyway, I kind of considered it as wasted allready. So when I made those mushrooms for the previous card, I had fun, and wanted to make more pearls, but on what? Aah well, that card is failed anyway, let’s try this out some more on that card. And so it became a card I really like. It looked like some sort of migration of microbes, a journey. The title of that card is (and will be, as it’s not entirely finished yet) “Journey of the microbes”.

Nils Holgersson – the migration of the geese

Having the old cartoon Nils Holgersson on the background, with the intro music being heard every half hour when the next episode (or the same) starts might have influenced my crafting too. Nils Holgersson is about a farmboy who is mean to small animals. One day he catches a dwarf/gnome and he puts a spell in Nils, making him as small as he is, and then he disappears. Nils then starts to search for him, and he is accompanied on this journy by his hamster who has shrunk as well, and the farm-geese Maarten. Nils is able to talk to animals now, and learns a lot. They find a pack of wildgeese and travels with them to Lapland.  – The journey is ofcourse what the series is about, I just recapped what I vaguely remember of the first episode and what I gathered from other episodes.

Hoog in de lucht boven Zweden – Over de huizen en over de zee – Vliegen de ganzen naar Lapland – Kruimel en Nils mogen mee
Nils Holgersson – Vliegt op een gans naar de zon – Nils Holgersson – Komt in het najaar weer om
Laag in de donkere bossen, hoog in de bergen waar ‘t koud is en guur – Nils en de ganzen beleven – steeds weer een nieuw avontuur

High in the air above Sweden – Above/over the houses and above/over the sea – The geese fly to Lapland – Kruimel and Nils can come along
Nils Holgersson – Flies on a geese to the sun – Nils Holgersson – Returns during FallLow in the dark forests – high in the mountains where it’s cold and bleak – Nils and the gees have – a new adventure all the time


See the background on the right? That was the start of the 2nd frame, but this time I would cut it out after I had made it, and use the left over bit for another card.


Almost the right frame, but it’s not yet it. It’s too rectangular, those geometric lines don’t fit.


This looks great! But not completely yet…

That card “just” needed a frame (as I wanted to make one for the Panpasteluk challenge). I made 1 frame but didn’t like it, then made 2 backgrounds to be cut up and serve as a frame, but I loved those soooo much I couldn’t cut them up! This led to me scanning the background, going ooh and aah over it, getting a lightbulb over my head (heeey, maybe there are a few people who would buy this? Design paper and such? digi, printable backgrounds?) And then I spent a few evenings behind photoshop and the scanner. (It’s not done yet). So after an evening/day or two only being behind the pc and not actually get my hands dirty I just needed to craft something quick. So I took a few of my outdated business cards, applied gesso on it, and then had some fun with it. Another thing that got me very enthousiastic, so the next crafting moments I was making more of those.

That’s how it also goes when I craft, you can understand now why I always have tons of projects going on, and how, even when I am trying to finish only 1, I end up with 10 new projects? And it’s also how I forget I would post about the pearls, or that I even made the pearls.

After that, I made a few pearls on my craftsheet as it occured to me that they get hard and I should be able to peel them off and glue them in place later on!

While drying I did something else – and ofcourse I smooshed a few pearls. Another lesson learned!

Tip #2: Make pearls on something that you can put aside so you can use your craft sheet for other things while you wait for it to dry.

Tip #3: Leave enough room between the pearls, more then twice the size of the first drop. Or don’t, if you want a ribbon/catapillar look 🙂

Look at the next picture. See the smudge on my craftmat, and how the pearls flowed into eachother. I think the drops started out as small as the blue ones above, but due to adding the liquid it becomes bigger ofcourse.



I took a needle which I also use to unstuck my glossy accents bottle, and very carefully put the tip in the pearl. Don’t put it in too deep or you’ll break the pearl. It almost looks/feels like you’re not touching it at all. Try putting the needle in the first drop and move it slightly, then in the second drop (within the first drop). Play with it and see what it does.



It’s easy: drop a small amount on a piece of acryllic or otherwise hard plastic sheet. Pick another colour and drop in a smaller drop of the liquid. Add a few more drops, but be aware that the cohesive force isn’t strong enough to make big pearls, you’ll more likely get domed discs if you use too much. (Oh, and leave enough room between them, see tip #3). You can leave it as is, or you can them do some marbling.

I liked the eyes I made, the blue and orange ones. You can see one blue eye fell to the left – I made the white drop too much to the side. Drop down blue, then white, then in the white another colour. No need to really wait for the white to have spread – the weight of the 3rd colour and the cohesiveness of the liquid makes sure the 3rd colour stays within the 2nd. That is, if you drop in a smaller amount – sometimes just touching the tip of the paper/perlen/gloss gel pen to the 1st layer is enough.

Clover pearls

Layer 2 colours. Then, dip your needle in the 1st colour and move inward into the 2nd. Clean your needle. Do this on 3 sides of the 2nd drop (let’s say north, east and west). Before you get to the third move, read tip #4 and forget about it. Because after the third time, you dip your uncleaned needle in the 1st layer and then move it inward.

Tip #4: Clean your needle every time you take it out of the pearls.



Little mushrooms

Drop 1 colour, add 3 tiny drops of another colour, not in the center. Turn your sheet if necessary for the right angle.



Layer 2 colours, the 2nd is in the center. Get your needle, dip it in the 2nd colour and move outward with a curve. Sometimes, when you let it dry a bit more, the substance gets a little less runny and you can “turn” it more easily without blending or breaking the pearls.


Retro circles

Drop 1: brown
Drop 2: yellow, in the center
Drop 3: orange, in the yellow, offcenter.



2 layers, the 2nd drop in the center. Dip your needle in the first layer, almost not touch it, then move inward. Clean your needle, then move to a spot a bit more below (not going North East South West) move the needle a bit in the same direction, the middle colour will move a bit, sometimes it almost sinks to the side (the thickness of the pens might vary), but you can push it back with the needle.


Apple / flower

Those where hard to make, but I’m sure there’s plenty of crafty people out there who get better results or more consistent results than me.
The apple (the green pearls): make swirlds first, then add the red dot.
Daisy: (white and pink pearls): layer 3 colours, each one in the center of the previous one. Dip in the 1st colour, move inward in a straight line, repeat 3 or 4 times (so 4 or 5 times total). Clean your needle in between.
Gerbera (white pearl) Start the same as the daisy, but make more moves and go in a circle, (following the outer circle of the 2nd drop when placing your needle) – alternate sides so the colour won’t be pushed to one side. Make a curved motion when you make the move.

You can see I had fun, I have lots of paper/perlen/gloss pens but don’t use them often, but I like them a lot :).


Well, I got as far as this before I got distracted. They can be peeled off easily once dry, the only challenge would be to adhere them to your card. I imagine some tweezers and a dot of glue on the card would be best. (Not on the pearl – if you drop it, the glue goes to the wrong spot).

Hopefully you aren’t distracted as easily as I am – then again, if you managed to get to the bottom of this post I guess you haven’t! Thanks for reading, and I’d love to know what you think of this.

If you have any of these pens, did you know about this? Have you got other fun things you can do with it to share?


2 thoughts on “What have marbled pearls and Nils Holgersson have to do with eachother?

  1. “Tip #2: Make pearls on something that you can put aside so you can use your craft sheet for other things while you wait for it to dry.”
    Hahahaha I have to laugh really hard. Did you learn this in the worst way? I now have one or two baking oven sheet liners around (from the pound shop)… Just in case lol

    • It wasn’t too bad, I guess – I just made a line of blue pearls in the middle of my craftsheet before I realized this wasn’t a good idea. It’s visible on the first picture. And then I did move the acryllic sheet through it…

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