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First, the card, then the explanation.


(Yup I forgot to rotate the image before adding my blogname to it).

A few posts ago, in WOYWW 275, I showed you some images from a new technique I had found, about creating background/textures with plastic foil. I found it via Anja from Artefaktotum who linked to this video:

Ofcourse I tried this technique, and the results look very nice. I needed to fixate the shimmer stuff beforee processing the background further, as the shimmer spray came off before I did that. Or maybe I didn’t heat it enough.

I tried it with distress stain (I still have only a few colours), and with acryllic paint. My goal was then to make something for the Chocolate Baroque colour challenge:


After looking at the colourpalette from Chocolate Baroque’s challenge I thought it looked a lot like antique copper and antique gold paint I had, only those are more shiny.

After doing the plastic foil technique I had this:


It looked great 🙂 I put some tissue paper over it and stamped on it, to see if the texture wouldn’t make stamping impossible. The image looked quite ok, so I stamped with white ink (Hero Arts Unicorn pigment ink) and heated it with the heatgun to set it.I was pleased with the look, but it wasn’t white enough, so I coloured the image with my picket fence marker. Only then the image lost it’s detail. What to do?

Stamp on tissue paper, colour the tissue paper, then use decoupage glue to glue it on the card. Stamped with Stazon Black, coloured with picket fence and tumbled glass distress marker, then decoupaged it onto the card and sealed it off with decoupage glue also. While that was still a slight bit sticky I put holographig embossing powder on the domes and heat it a bit. Can’t heat too much with the decoupage glue / acryllic paint under and next to it. I added some more stickles silver although that is hardly visible, I think too much stuck to my finger which I used to spread it on the towers. I added glossy accents to the domes and then started working on the butterflies. I wanted something to make the castle look small, so a big and a smaller butterfly seemed right.

Shots from the texture of the card:Daqadoodles140911do142130 Daqadoodles140911do142111


The castle, by the way, is from the underwater stamp set Underwater Kingdom. The reason for that stamp? I wanted something royal to go with those colours, as I thought of a Royal blue to use with it, only I didn’t have “royal” stamps from CB, so then it became something magical / the castle.

The butterfly is stamped with Stazon Midnight Blue, and coloured with Caran D’ache Neocolors, Gloss pens and glossy accents. I added some glitter to the small butterfly as well.

I wanted it to look like it was a glimpse throught a window, or an opening in foliage or something else. I inked up the edges with the stazon Midnight Blue (I think it’s called that, not sure) and liked the spiky look, like you peeked through some sort of mineral/crystal cave and saw this little castle!

Shiny, shiniest, just some pictures to show how shiny it is.

Daqadoodles140911do142344 Daqadoodles140911do142042

Ofcourse, with such a glimpse into another world, this sentiment from the fairyland stamp set is just perfect. The sentiment is stamped with Versafine and then heatembossed with ultra fine embossing powder, as I thought stamping with plain black wouldn’t bring out the words, it had to be on the “top layer”.


With this card I want to participate in the following challenges:

Thanks to the Paper Playful blog for listing all (or at least, a lot!) of challenge blogs!



31 thoughts on “Fairyland

  1. Debbie, so sorry I haven’t commented lately on all your lovely creations. My brother is being treated for cancer and that is taking my attention. ….
    Anyway, as usual, another charming creation. It’s always fun to see how you stretch yourself as an artist to try new things! I love copper tones:)

    • You probably nocited I replied on your own blog, as I don’t think you get notified if I reply here.
      No worry about not commenting! Real life comes first, and time is limited, there’s only so much you can do with it. Thanks for the compliment – and it’s fun to try new things!

      • Debbie, all messages received:) I subscribe to your blog and to comments. I know exactly what you mean about the trite comments and I battle that myself. In fact, in my brother’s situation, I was lamenting that I’m tired of hearing that people are praying for him when they could use something a little less ethereal — like real tangible money!haha! Even with insurance, medical bills are piling up. SO my hubby is working right now to set up a donation site in my brother’s behalf and we are going to do OUR version of the ALS ice water bucket challenge. I don’t know if you heard about that, but it was an attention grabbing marketing gimmick that really worked and got famous people and individuals to participate. My brother is a chef and now, with his treatment, his tastebuds have been fried. He’s already lost 10 pounds and he has 4 more weeks of radiation to go. SO it was my bright idea to do an Eat a Lemon challenge. I had teased him that with no taste buds, he could eat a lemon without puckering and making a face. …. SO, we’re going to invite friends and relatives to post a video of themselves eating a lemon and pledging a few dollars:)
        As you say, family first. I hope your niece is getting progressively better!!

    • Hmm did I really say it’s fun to try new things? New techniques I mean! I am not overly enthousiastic about doing new things, I’m a little grumpy at first usually and when I’m over that and maybe even enjoy the new thing, I forgot I was grumpy at first ;).

  2. Beautiful design Debbie, I love the background it looks like copper with lots of great texture. Thanks for joining in the fun at Chocolate Baroque’s Colour Challenge. Shirleyxx

    • Thank you! Fun and quite fast to make – the background that is. Because it’s acryllic paint it’s a bit harder to stamp over (and the texture, ofcourse) so finishing it takes some more time.

      • You know what I thought? Using it to give texture to some of the die cuts. Some of them you already have the form, so no need for stamping… Humm I really need to try it.
        Loved the colour combination you achieved on the brown one.

      • Haha great to see inspiration flowing 🙂
        The brown one looks good indeed, the turqoise and purple one has too much contrast still, if it had been a bit more watery the colours would have blended better I think. Then again, what do you put in front of a background that allready has high contrasting colours? Anything you put on top of it has a big risk of getting lost. Still, I’ll try to make something out of that background. Hehe maybe I’ll make diecuts out of it ;).

      • Looking forward to see your work, and can’t wait to try it myself. Almost did it last night, but had other stuff in line first. Believe it or not, I’m still working on my organisation thing!
        The worst part is that I didn’t like what I’ve done last night, what means hours to throw in the bin. But I definitely want to try that technique this week. Xx

      • It’s quite fast to do, you can easily do it inbetween organizing ;). Bummer about the organising not being how you like it. I too sometimes organize something, and halfway I’m realizing it might not be the right thing for me to sort it this way, but as I invested time allready I think i should just get used to how I organized it now. Eventually I still end up not using that storage solution… (I made a binder with reinforced laminated sheets with strips of magnetic sheet on it to hold my dies. The magnetic sheets weren;t magnetic enough to hold them, the laminated sheets not rigid enough to prevent bending so dies kept faling off. 😦 I still need to store them properly, and not just all in a (childrens) shoebox….

  3. What an interesting technique, and perfect for our challenge this week! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge!

    • It’s fun, isn’t it? I love making my own backgrounds, but using distress inks the same way time and time again is a bit boring, something new from time to time is good for fresh inspiration.

    • Thank you for commenting! I didn’t realize your blog was wordpress too, would have left a comment sooner then, but my time online was limited (3 kids now). It’s a fun technique to try, and it doesn’t even get your hands dirty! (or not that much..)

  4. Wow…this is just stunning! I love your wonderful style. Thank you so much for playing along with us at Simply Create Too.

    • It’s easy to do. When I lifted the foil from this background there was some acryllic paint on the foil. I pressed that onto another card and got another very pretty background. So one “wrap”, 2 cards. I will be showing the second card soon.

  5. Brilliant! Love the technique you used Debbie. The effects are great. It is always a treat to see what you have created. Thank you for playing along with the Chocolate Baroque Color Challenge.
    Flo xx

    • Haha trick or treat you mean, some of my creations are not so goodl. The idea is good, but the execution of the idea not so good sometimes. Maybe I should rename those cards “Prototypes” or “concepts” ;).
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  6. A super card Debbie, great background. I have seen this link, and keep meaning to have a go at the technique myself. The coppery colour is just perfect for the challenge. Thanks for your entry into the Chocolate Baroque challenge, Judith xx

    • It’s easy and fun – before you know it you’ll have a stack of backgrounds. Then “all” you have to do is make cards out of it. Although sometimes they don’t need much :).

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