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CAS! Or lack of inspiration?



I find it very difficilt to make CAS cards, as I enjoy cardmaking and colours and stamping, and with a CAS card you’re done a bit faster. No background colouring etc.

For the new Chocolate Baroque challenge I was quite inspirationless. I had this idea in my head about the colourcombination, wanting to make a two coloured brown background with white stamping and some blue accents. I didn’t want to go the usual route of white background and using the colours for the image.

Here is a picture of my tries, I still want to make cards out of it, as I like to challenge myself to make something out of “failed” starts still, but for now it is lying there waiting for the brilliant idea.


I did manage to make something with white “stamping” in the end, that will be revealed in another post.

So what did I do? I really liked the flower stamp, and had to make a card for my mother-in-law for which I found that stamp suitable. I was thinking steampunk a bit, hence that stamp. It’s not really steampunk but could fit in that setting, and would make it a bit less steampunk (and more suitable for my MIL.)

Eventually I couldn’t think of anything else then using the colours on the stamp, one colour for each flower, and stamp it onto a white background. CAS, right?

With clear embossing, as I couldn't decide on a colour for the text.

With clear embossing, as I couldn’t decide on a colour for the text.

Colouring the flowers individually on the stamp was tricky, I did most with just the inkpads but touched up some parts with the rusty hinge marker (didn’t have the markers for the other colours). After stamping I found not enough coverage in some places, and added a touch of the rusty hinge marker to the brown flowers – the marker has a slightly different colour from the stamppad, but the variety in the colour of the flower makes it look more interesting. I think I even did this with the blue flower, but a marker a shade lighter. (Tumbled glass instead of Stormy Sky)

It is a one layer card. I made the corner lines by masking off the area around one colour, then colour that line and move the masking to the next line. After I did that, I outlined the masking again, and sprayed Glimmer mist blue on the blue line, dabbed bronze distress stain on the second, sprayed perfect pearls perfect copper on the last.

I made another card the same way, only stamped that one in the center of the card and added shading in the colours of the colourpalette. No sentiment (yet).


I matted it onto a selfmade background. I did not touch up the areas where there is less ink coverage on this card, it’s a side effect of stamping with distress ink, and I don’t mind.

I had to get used to the look of the cards first, as I’m not a CAS person. Clean and simple is a real challenge to me. I was tempted to add more and had to tell myself to stop and put the card away, and look at it again another day. And when I did, I liked the card as it was.


So here it is, my first entry in this month’s Chocolate Baroque Challenge #2 . (Hard to choose, but I’m participating with the first  second card in the post, the one with the image stamped in the middle and shading/ground at the bottom of the flowers).


6 thoughts on “CAS! Or lack of inspiration?

  1. Hi Debbie. Love how you have used the colors. Super CAS cards.
    With my other hat on, thank you for playing along with the Chocolate Baroque Color challenge.
    Flo xx

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