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WOYWW #275 – Collage

Before I show you what my desk (dining table) looks like now, I show you what it looked like at several times in the past few weeks on other days then Tuesdays. (If it was on a Tuesday I would probably have linked it up to WOYWW!)

Several of the projects you’ll see there aren’t posted yet, see the previous post with the collage/sneak peak of unblogged projects. (That is even still excluding unfinished projects if I’m right.)


And now, the desk/dining table of now:


Items visible on the image, in no particular order: Folded laundry, a teddybear my daughter got for free on a garage/carbootsale market last week (rommelmarkt), I got that tin basket there as well which I didn’t intend to use as I use it now , but this use suits me just fine ofcourse. In a post of another WOYWW-er she mentioned a place for her acryllic blocks. Great idea! And great ideas are there not to be reinvented but to be used, right?! So I try to store my acryllic blocks there. No more searching for that tiny block.

Also on the board, a breasfeeding schedule – I feed on request but sometimes it’s nice to have some guidance as to how much should he get, also because next monday he’ll be going to the daycare for the first time and I need to bring along enough milk.

As you can see, the pile of boxes and things has grown again. And the amount of started projects too. See the (backgrounds for) cards on the board? No? Well, let me zoom in on it:


Thanks to Anja from Artefaktotum I ran off from the computer (and chores) this afternoon to make these. Fun! Between making these backgrounds (1 or maybe 2 at a time) I experimented with mod melts. (More on that later. Someday, I’m sure).

Oh what a horrible picture I see now… you can’t really see the great effect and nice colours. Zoom!


Ah there, see? Better. Two cards with just acryllic paint and some glimmer mist. The texture is only paint. I intend to use the brown one for the Chocolate Baroque colour challenge. No idea how yet, something with gears? It’s a bit standard to do with brown background maybe. (Actually it’s antique gold and antique bronze).

Then, later this evening when I got back to the computer, I got distraced by building a blinkie for Ryn from Designs by Ryn because she liked that I place a “badge” on the sidebar. It wasn’t really a badge, the text was too small and off center, and maybe if I add some more information about her products, and hmm add some bits of this and that and why doesn’t it work like I know it should? Let’s search online, and try this, and tadaa! Now surprise her, darn, I tossed the mail away accidentally after working on it for 30 minutes. There, rewritten now add the image.. wait… edit it a bit… then done. Ooh is that the time?! Hey, it’s Wednesday, time for a WOYWW post!

And that’s how I end up with chronical lack of sleep and half finished chores…

So off with me, to bed! No need to get ill again (was ill on Saturday, some stomach flu and perhaps a chronic lack of sleep isn’t healthy either..)

Happy WOYWW all!

Argh I forgot – Thank you Julia for hosting this fun event! Anyone with a crafting space (or workspace) can join!

Debbie, #25 of  WOYWW #275


15 thoughts on “WOYWW #275 – Collage

  1. OMGoodness you are so busy and I am really impressed at what you have managed to create. Lovely effects.
    Sandra de @26

  2. Sounds like a manic life you have there. Like the brown page you have made as a background. Have fun making the rest on it. I trust all goes well next week when your little one goes to daycare. Big moment for mum!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

    • The next 4 years, untill the youngest goes to school as well will be manic. And then it will still be, with kids going to sport/dance/friends and us driving up and down to bring/drop them, and scheduling dinner at the right time between things… Hmm I think I’ll focus on the Now first and see about that when I get there!

    • Thanks 🙂 I mostly put the unfinished cards/projects up there, although they became so many that I took them down 😛 I should add the unfinished ones again, as I have lost track of them. And THEN I should challenge myself to finish 2 unfinished projects before starting a new one.

  3. Dank voor je ‘blogbezoekje’ Debbie en jeeeeetje, wat een druk leven heb jij zeg! En dan óók nog tijd vinden om mooie dingen te maken, knap hoor! Leuk om jouw tafel tussen de andere woyww-tafels ook eens te mogen bezichtigen. Heb een goed weekend! Marit, woyww #53

  4. Well Debbie, I don’t know how you manage half of it…especially with the baby and being organised enough to record and monitor feeding! You’re amazing! I LOVE the sight of the tuesday desks and the fact that however your days are, you manage to do something crafty..
    I too like the pegging of work in progress. so much more inspiring than a pile!

    • Well, feeding can be done behind the computer, some crafting can be done then as well. I save up my sleeping hours for later ;). We’ll see how next week goes, when work starts again.
      The pegging board is nice, but it often also end up full with work in progress and me not doing much with it. I have to glue the pegs down with different glue though, I had done so with my gluegun first but the glue lets go to easily, that is why I’m not putting the cards in the mouth of the pegs (hanging) but in the squeezing ends (standing in them loosely) – when I press the pegs they come off.

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