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WOYWW #272

Time for another WOYWW, hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. Nothing to win, nothing to make.. then what is it about? Hop over to her blog and find out.

It’s been a busy crafting week, with a few projects finished I really like. I discovered a blogpost about lots of things (239+) you can do with your embossing machine. (I think I actually rediscovered it, it kind of looked familiar). I was looking for a faux metal technique and came across this technique with crayons, and had to try it out. Love it! Some cards I made with this technique are visible in this post as well. In the comments from last week, I promised I’d show another cupboard with my crafting stuff. Let’s start with that. (Oh no wait, check out the GAP quote in my widget bar first, I found it again and still love it!)

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away.

This is how much of my stuff is stuffed away. Most frequent used things are on the front half of 3 shelves, the rest of the space is for less frequent used things or non-craft related items. The brown binders and the green in between contain my stamps.

Usually before starting to craft I get most of the frequently used things out of the cupboard and put it around me on the table, like this:


Having taken many things out, put the card I want to work on ready, pull the box with baby close (wheels beneath a box are very usefull!) and get crafting! Oh and those curtains are still from the previous owners of the house, we haven’t had the time/energy/budget to have new ones made. On the front of the house we could put up our old cream coloured ones, but they were not wide enough for the back windows here.

What does that turn into during crafting?


Daqadoodles140819di225828 Daqadoodles140819di225938

Finally made a card with the quote from VivaLasVegaStamps: Stick a gear on it and call it steampunk. (Because that’s what we’re all inclined to do, right? Always put a gear on it when it’s something steampunky… that would be a fun challenge, something steampunk without gears!) (And next one: without rust. I’d hate that challenge, as I’m in love with Rusty Hinge.) *

Other stamps are from De-Stempelwinkel and the embossing folder is the Oceanthingy Spellbinders M-bossability. Steampunk and Art Deco/Art Nouveau go well together, I still have tons of ideas for it!

*scribbles on wishlist: Rusty Hinge Distress Stain, can’t believe I don’t have that yet!

And this is 22 minutes later:


Not really sharp picture, sorry.

I’m assembling the alluminum foil card with flowers from Chocolate Baroque. I love how they turned out, with glitter, glossy accent, glimmer mist spray copper (or didn’t I use it?) and stickles. There are little Mod Podge Mod molds (or what is their name) shapes to see if they fit on the card.The two plastic boxes (one is an icecream box from Hertog) contain diecuts or fussy cut stamp images which I eventually didn’t use on projects or which I made extra. The mod molds have a plastic box of their own. (They are made with Martha Stewart clay, a tiny bit of ink, chalks and perfect pearls powder).

It looks like this from a distance:  (yup my drawer with distress inks on the table – it moves around kind of randomly but is always near me but hardly in the cabinet when I’m crafting.Daqadoodles140819di232128

I also tidied the top of the drawers, as I noticed after taking the previous picture it was a bit cluttered with random things. Now it displays the letter F which I still want to embellish further before I give it to my daughter of almost 2 years. (Give in this case means: show her, let her see it and feel it, then put it somewhere high where she can’t reach it.) Also on display now are the big popsicle sticks we decorated the other day. (I made a fast stand for it – wishing I had wooden stampblocks to put them in – out of small empty sturdy box.)


My son and I made the birdhouse. Or rather, I traced and cut the template, he stamped 3 times and then put the acryllic block with ink on it, then I stamped some more and glued it together.

During all this, my little one slept – is still sleeping. Sometimes I get out all crafting supplies but have to put them away unused, other times I craft with him on my lap on a pillow or in a .. what do you call it… a looooong piece of fabric, wrapped around me and the baby in it. This time he was fine in the box. (Hmm I think it’s not called “box” in english, that is the exact word we use for it in Dutch. So don’t call child care services yet that I’m putting my baby in a box in the english meaning of the word haha!)


Hope you’re having a crafty week too!

Oh and darn Julia for being so enthusiastic about the Quietfire stamps – my order is on it’s way now! (For other Dutch readers: my experience with shipments from Canada which fit through the mailbox is quite good, it allways arrived within a week. Watch out with “inklaringskosten” though – if the value of the goods is written on the package and is above €22,- (about 30 CAD) then you have to pay those service costs, which are between €13,- to €18,- which is quite a lot!

Anyone else giving the Quietfire team a boost in their sales?



38 thoughts on “WOYWW #272

  1. I used to scrap like mad when my son slept… and in English it is a Cot… They grow so fast, so nice to have him near you while you work. I love all the things you got done here. Great workspace. #23

    • Haha yes because the time between sleeps is so short! So many other things to do. A cot, I’ll remember it! Thanks for the reply, I hope to be able to return the visit a little later – Ihave to get dressed first!

  2. Hi Debbie and happy WOYWW….wow you do cope very well with the little one and being able to find time to create. Your cards look fabulous, I love the Chocolate Baroque stamps too. Have a wonderful week Cheers RobynO#21

    • Well I eliminated ironing from the houshold tasks (unless really necessary for a special occasion) and I just need some time for myself regularly! Thanks for the compliment 🙂

    • If only I could leave stuff out and not have to put everything away each time, that would give me at least half an hour of crafting time extra each time I craft!

  3. Ya know, the art is lovely, the organization always an inspiration, but a photo of a blissfully sleeping baby trumps them all 🙂

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

    • Yes I only realized halfway down the post that the word “box” is the Dutch word and that in English it was something else! Cot.. I’ll have to remember that.
      And that ‘me’ time is important to keep me happy and to relieve the stress!

    • Isn’t there always a lot going on, even if there isn’t? (Because then the less important stuff has room to emerge to the front and take up your attention). He is a sweety yes!

  4. I wonder if baby always sleeps like that, it would be nice.
    Nipped over to the post re. embossing machines, it’s massive and will have to take a better look alter so thanks.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 49

    • Not always, that would be nice yes. It’s so sad to see him when he’s tired and can’t sleep because of cramps, I carry him around in a babyslingthing and watch tv while walking up and down in front of it, can’t do any crafting then. That is usually after dinner untill 21:30ish / 22:00ish, that is his “crying time”. Not always, and I’m not alone luckily 🙂
      About that list of embossing options – even I haven’t read them all, only the first ones!

  5. Looks like you managed to be quite productive while the little one slept. My boys are all grown up, and there STILL aren’t enough hours in the day. 🙂

    Wow, that is quite the list of things you can do with the embossing machine. Have fun experimenting!

    Happy creating and Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #38

    • Are there ever enough hours in the day? I think in the past few years I learned to manage with about 6 hours occasionally interrupted sleep. A few times in the week I stay in bed an hour longer though.
      That list is indeed long, and I’m still stuck on the faux metal part, I am not done with that for a long time I think, it’s too much fun!

  6. Wow you have been a busy girl – I did keep looking at the Cot & thinking “is that a baby in there or just more craft storage !!” So glad he slept soundly so you could craft ! Thanks for visiting ! Ali #8

    • Haha I wished that was more craft storage! Eh well no, that comes out wrong.. I mean I wished I had extra craft storage that size! Wouldn’t miss my baby for the world!

  7. I love that you and baby keep each other company! We call it a cot, and how marvellous to have it as a box on wheels! that’s a lot of techniques on the card, really pretty flowers, worth the effort.

    • Thank you! I really wanted something that would pop out of the card, a bright happy colour. I tried to achieve an apple sugar candy gloss kind of look – and I’m very happy with the results :).

  8. There’s a great video on YouTube with a song about Stick a Gear on and Call it Steampunk! It’s very funny 🙂 I like your tags and things you’ve been working on. It only seems a second ago that my boy was like yours, asleep in his cot!!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

    • Thank you! It sort of works – somedays it works well, other days it doesn’t. But that’s how everything goes in life, doesn’t it?
      Bedtime now, I’ll try to visit you tomorrow!

  9. You do have a very busy life, and I suspect crafting will become harder to fit in as the baby grows. Thank you for your visit this week. The castle card is done with two separate masks from Clarity Stamps, not stencils, a make up sponge and one ink pad. Have a good week. xx Maggie #20

    • What I forgot to mention, is that I’m still within my pregnancy leave – I think that clears up a lot for many people. around 16th of September I have to start working again, I think I’ll need to take a break from crafting then, as it will cost quite some energy! I’ve seen the video tutorial of the masks yesterday, and had a look at the Clarity site – another one to watch!

  10. Love that you can tuck your stash away I like having things neat and tidy it works for me and I will take a picture of my scraps for next week there really isn’t that much as I try my best to use them up … Make a lot of bookmarks with them 🙂
    thanks for the visit already hugs Nikki 2

  11. Thanks for coming to the Playhouse to see me and leaving me a comment, Daqa, so I could come and return the favor! It’s a pleasure to meet you! Your post was very entertaining! I loved every minute of it! And I love what a wonderful mother you are to encourage and include your tiny children in crafting with you! A happy mom is a happy child!! My grandsons love to make cards in the Playhouse; it’s wonderful memories to make together! I hope to see you again and maybe you’d like to come back and follow my blog! I am subscribing to yours; I don’t see a follow button. Happy Belated WOYWW and enjoy the rest of the week!! Hugs, Darnell #19

  12. What a cute baby.
    Love your Distress work – and Rusty Hinge is my favourite too. I love using it with Tumbled Glass or one of the other bright blues, looks as if you do too.

    Answering your questions – the little box you referred to came as is, sorry, I cannot claim to have decorated it. The wheelie box will have fabric in packages (colour sorted) apart from big ones (I too cannot be bothered to sort through piles of stuff), the stamp is not Chocolate Baroque but both are old stamps and I haven’t a clue who the manufacturers are, sorry.

    Hugs, and thanks for visiting me
    Neet xx 11

  13. Wow what a bussy life you have, having a baby, great crafting room too, and your artworks are amazing , I went around on your blog and saw a lot of very beautiful things !!!Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for your nice words for my work on the CB blog!!!


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