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WOYWW #271

Time for another WOYWW, hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. Curious what it is about? Hop on over to her site!

This is what my desk looked like after 1 1/2 hour of crafting (I did clean up a bit in between as I didn’t have space). This time I didn’t keep my crafting area clear, usually I put down a bigger cutting mat and try to keep that clear of stuff so I have room to do the actual crafting. Not this time, I just wanted to make some simple things, envelopes, and decorate them with a stencil and some distress ink – nothing fancy – so figured I didn’t need that much room.

wednesday 00:39

wednesday 00:39

What’s on there: A card of aluminium foil and a “copper” frame, heattool, distress markers, empty teacup, distress ink, embossing powder, can of paintbrushes, box of glue related things and things that aren’t glue related (you know, other things like a small package of brads, and just… little things in packages that I might use if they are on my table, but definetely won’t use if I put them out of sight). (Putting them on my table isn’t helping).

What’s more on there: a tin can with my childresn crayons which I confiscated. They rarely used them (in the Netherlands, children colour more with pencils (potloden) or felttip markers (viltstiften). On top of it is a spray can of sealer which I have never used yet, then you can see a binder in the back with some of my stamps, and on the right a drawer with my distress inks in it – I always just get the drawer out and put it on the table / chair.

Oh I forgot my wellbeloved spraythingy – unfortunately it got loose again so I’ll have to fix it, but need to fix it so it won’t leak this time. (The previous fix was putting the spray top on the glass jar because the original orange spray jar broke). [Oooh what a coïncidence, in that post is also the quote I have referred to a few times lately!]Oh, and those heart stickers on there: They have kind of become my pincushion. (What?) yup, pincushion for just 1 needle, and that one needle/pin (can you see it’s yellow head?) is to open up the tip of the glossy accents bottle, which is seen next to the drawer.

Let’s take a look to the left and a step back.

Wednesday 00:40

Wednesday 00:40

My frame for hanging nearly finsihed cards.

My ikea drawers with many of my supplies, two boxes which I need at hand. (It started out as one half box, then it got one full box quite soon, and now in the past month somehowe another box moved in there.) You can see into the second drawer, here are my other (big) inkpads, the little ones are in another drawer with the chalks.

Do you see the dowels sticking out of the drawer? That is my solution to nosy babies. You can imagine that having craft supplies in the same room where little kids play isn’t very safe. (health, furniture, money etc..) I wanted a simple solution so my son (at that time I only had him) couldn’t open the drawers. I’ve had the drawers for quite a long time and I had always planned to paint/decorate the sides but never done it yet. Because of this I didn’t feel bad about drilling holes in them.

Wednesday 00:41

Wednesday 00:41

My embossing powders (I still want some bright yellow!) and my “lock” solutions. A hole in the side of the board and drawer, a dowel in it and it’s closed. Don’t stuff your drawers so the dowel can’t be moved in though! How to open? Take a pencil/pen/thingy, and push the dowel in.

How do you prevent your kids from figuring this out too soon? Don’t open the drawers when they can see you do it. My son (aged 3) hasn’t noticed the dowels yet, so this fix still works.

Now, let’s put the camera away amd tidy things up a bit.

Wednesday 00:52

Wednesday 00:52

And then it really was time for bed!


28 thoughts on “WOYWW #271

  1. First I wanted to thank you for a the Great ideas for my empty blocks!!! I will diffently try some of them.
    And must say I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog… so many different things and ways to use them, I’ll be back for sure.

  2. Your solution for keeping little children out of the drawers is nothing short of genius!! And I love the miraculous desk transformation too, from full on messy crafting to serene and tidy! Knitting isn’t difficult and very small projects can be completed quickly. I started with dishcloths that I use to hand wash dishes with. The cotton was cheap, they’re useful and if I made a few mistakes when I was learning it never mattered. The weather is definitely changing and the roads and infrastructure are not keeping pace with it all.

    Brenda 53

    • oh I should have added a ps to the post, that I didn’t just move all the mess over to the non-visible part of the table, haha!
      I started with crocheting, but it was just too fiddly for me. Or maybe too clean? No ink!

  3. Such a great post! I absolutely love making envelopes, and I don’t really know why. But, when I go to the post office to mail handmade cards in handmade envelopes, the postmaster always compliments them! The watercolor tubes I have are just some I found at Michaels that were packaged with a pad of watercolor paper, and the whole thing was on sale for four dollars! Couldn’t pass that up. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #54

    • Thank you 🙂 I love and hate making envelopes – hate because I only think of them at the last moment, love because it is easy to make, as it has more limits – only ink and image/stencil, maybe some waterspray, not too distracting from the shipping label so usually some fost colours. Not passing up on sales happens to me too often. Especially the last two months while I’ve been at home (had a baby at 3rd of July) were expensive!

  4. That’s a clever trick with the dowels!

    It always amazes me how much of a mess it can make to just stamp a simple image on an envelope.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #55

    • True, although I forgot to mention that I also dtamped, inked, embossed, glitter glued avd glossy accented the two flowers that are lying on the card next to the heating tool!

  5. Aah a busy desk and a tiny workspace – that certainly reminds me of somewhere!! I can never believe how smetimes the simplest project requires so many bits – and I know what you mean about the bits on the desk not helping. I put all the little ‘bits’ I accumulate (can’t be bothered to put away) in one pot until it’s overflowing and then do them all at once. Love your ingenious method of locking your drawers but can’t help feeling you will get sussed out soon! Thank you for the earlier visit, Cindy #57

    • I got that feeling too, it feels like it’s only a matter of days before he finds out how it works, and then opens it in front of my nearly 2 year old who will know the trick then as well.. and what then? Help!

  6. Now that’s a busy desk ;D
    I wonder if the dowel trick would have worked on my kitchen draw… the one that got stuck and we had to basically break it and screw the front back on with dirty big screws now on show. I use the Royal ‘We’ here but obviously I mean my OH who is DIY challenged!
    Happy WOYWW
    Neesie #62

    • Maybe make it a steampunk drawer? 😉
      We had a drawer stuck too, on my OH birthday, and we needed the cutlery in it… was a bit stressfull then to open the drawer!

  7. I got a real kick out of your desk! And loved the “after” photo. Interesting idea with the dowels for locking drawers. Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #58

  8. clever trick with the dowels …by the time they figure it out they are old enough to play anyway …. its a win win situation.
    thanks for your visit earlier…. the marbles were put in the bottom of the dish before it was fired in the kiln as the kiln goes upto about 1000 degrees the glass melts and then sets when it cools down …. it is very effective glassy bottom
    janet #2

    • I’m afraid they will find out way sooner… my son thinks the stuff in there is from my partner, somehow he doesn’t believe it’s mine. He knows the top drawer is mine, as my distress ink is in there and sometimes we stamp together, and I use water soluble ink then!

  9. The best solution to a problem is often the simplest! The dowel trick is so neat and works brilliantly, clever you 🙂
    I enjoyed reading your post, you obviously love getting inky!!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

    • My children too… they (again) colourd their faces this morning – one was colouring her face while I was busy helping the other, and when I was helping her, my oldest was putting glue (from a gluestick) on his face…

  10. It’s an endless cycle – clean craft despair…clean craft despair… we all go thru it every day. And Oh I recall the kitchen cabinet locks … DS figured them out mentally way sooner than his hands could put the info in to practice 🙂

    Happy WOYWW! a little late
    Mary Anne (1)

  11. Love the before & after tidying pictures. Sadly, I still can’t take a tidy one as it’s still a crapalanche!
    Thanks for your visit
    Debs x

    • Hehe if I had my own craft room it would be like that as well. (Though don’t tell my partner that or he might not want to make a craft room when we renovate!) (Or maybe he’ll just want one with a solid door and no windows.)

  12. Look at that nice clean workspace now! I love seeing these pics because it makes me feel better about all of the things that end up on my work table while I’m creating. Some days I look at what’s there and shake my head wondering how on earth it ended up there lol I can see why your space is also so interesting to your wee ones – even I want to explore it! :))

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