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Tropical peacocks

In dutch, there is an expression” Proud like a peacock”. And I am proud of my whole family: parents, sisters, and ofcourse my partner and children. Pictures of my childen later. This is a crafting blog, so lets start with the card.

Indonesian Peacock


I started with stamping the peacock in copper metallic paint, and liked the look very much – the look of an image stamped with paint, lines a bit blurred. I put a mask on the peacock and made the background. This is made with Peacock feathers and tumbled glass distress ink, then sprayed with water.

The edges are stamped with peeled paint distress ink then sprayed very lightly with water (the stamp), to make the ink run a bit more. Leaf stamp is from Designs by Ryn.

After drying I used a small stamp from Chocolate baroque Wisteria Lane set and distress marker picket fence. The stamped image is hardly visible though. NExt, another small stamp from Chocolate Baroque, and yellow acryllic paint. I stamped it quite careless, so it would match the watercoloury background and leave stamps. Last was a stamp from the Poppy Meadow stamp sheet of Chocolate Baroque, stamped in red acryllic paint. I had a little accident (grrr!) with it, which left a stain on the right hand, but I don’t mind – it adds to the watercolour / batique feeling. The red didn’t dry as intense as it was when it was just stamped, I loved the look of the wet colour. It reminded me of indonesian scenes, with rich, vibrant colours, the air heavy with sweet smells, humid air and the sound of hidden insects. And then there’s the proud peacock in the middle. I’ve never been to Indonesia, but part of my familyroots are there. The memories I’ve got (the plants, smells, humidity etc) is mostly from butterfly farms / zoos with exotic plants in them.

A cut off pieace of paper, where I had stamped off excess paint, served well as sentiment line – I placed it at the bottom of the card, and have a spare one inside the card incase I misstamp the sentiment.

To enhance the richness and brightness of the red stamp I have embossed it, using a very red embossing powder, however it turned out not as bright as well. 😦


Red embossed flowers


The red flowers before embossing



I like the batique, watercoloury look of the card, and if the red was a little bit more orange or dark, it would be a great tropical colour scheme. It still calls to mind memories of tropical flowers, humid air, sweet heavy smells and tropical birds calling from near and afar though.



Family pictures

Now for some family pictures, most are from the 2nd child – she’s just so adorable now. On the brink of being consciously naughty, still mostly full of innocence. The oldest is usually moving too fast to take good pictures of, got lots of blurry ones. Or he is without clothes (it is hard sometimes to get him to wear even underpants!) so not really suitable for the internet.



4 thoughts on “Tropical peacocks

    • Thanks 🙂
      I know my cards often include some kind of error, but I don’t mind those, I can see I have learned since I started, I like seeing the process and trying things out. This card is inspiration for more cards like this, but then “better” ;).

  1. Hi Debbie, Awww! What a gorgeous photos! You are truly blessed. Fabulous card. Love the effects you have created on the background and the stamping in paint.
    Flo x

    • Blessed… well felt less blessed tonight, when it again took about 45 minutes to get the oldest to bed, it’s such a fight often. And then he was finally sleeping – the middle one starts to cry and doesn’t want me to leave. In a few moments I’ll go to bed, hopefully the youngest will sleep well too, because I’m so tired! *yawn* I love them so much when they are sleeping ;). Crafting is a necessary outlet, even when I’m tired, it’s time for me which I really need at times. Stamping in paint is always a bit “exciting” (or stressfull?) – as I want to clean the stamp fast to avoid the paint sticking on it. And when I get out paint, I usually want to use it for more then just 1 stamp / tiny dot…

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