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The Little Prince birth theme – part 1

Daqadoodles140726za205242  Long had I been thinking about the theme for the birth announcement card. I like to design a card with a theme, something that to me, suits the child. For our first child, it was easy, I knew quite fast I wanted a bit of a spring theme, not neccesarily lambs, but sheep. He is Aries, and lambs are born in spring so that was very suitable. The birth announcement board was a felted sheep, so that matched too. For our second child, it took a little longer and I took her name as starting point. Also incorporated was something of her brother and of a parc in the area we used to visit often. The animals on her card were cats, and the birth announcement board was also a cat, (our cat). Now, our third child, I couldn’t think of anything. So I browsed the internet for something that matched his name. I found a card I kind of liked, and started tweaking it a bit (ofcourse I couldn’t just use the card as is, I had to put my “stamp” on it.). This is the original: geboortekaartI wanted less blue, and more summer colours, so i put in a yellow background, darkened the blue to more of a royal blue, then switched the colours around. But I wasn’t convinced by it, it was too.. obvious, in a way. (As the name Lodewijk is mostly associated with the European kings named Lodewijk or Louis, and those are associated often with baroque. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lodewijk_%28voornaam%29 (site is only in Dutch). I don’t remember wether I started on the birth announcement card before or after June 6th, it seems it was after. As I wasn’t satisfied with this card I started anew to find a theme, another drawing style like the one that Freya’s card was based on. So I tried searching for comic styles (but how do you search for a style if you don’t know names from artists, comics, or styles?). Eventually I found paintings from various artists of The little Prince (Le Petit Prince) and I was immediately in love with it – it had a nice drawing style (not the balloonhead or manga style you see so much today), it had something royal in it, but also thoughtful quotes and a deeper meaning. My neece crossed my mind often while designing the card and re-reading the story. Some of the inspirational images are found here: http://cizgilimasallar.blogspot.nl/search/label/The%20Little%20Prince – this is a list of the posts which have artists work of The Little Prince, click on Read More below each post to see more artwork. One I liked very much is this one:

Kim Minji – http://www.ki204.com

Oh and this one:   I liked the yellow flowers, although there is some melancholy in the images. Ofcourse, that is also throughout the book, and the look of the little prince is a look of wonder. I thought about making the entire card myself, printing it and finishing it with stamps, even colouring those stamps. The prints didn’t look very well, so I eventually had them printed. But I did order handmade stamps, from http://memitherainbow.blogspot.nl/search?q=prince. On the 14th of June the kids and me painted a little. Tobias first painted something on his sheet, and then he started painting a vulcano. Next, he said the vulcano erupted and the entire sheet had to be covered with yellow/orange paint. DSC_1756 I loved it, and when it was drying I thought this was a perfect background for the card! See the vulcano on the bottom right? DSC_1760 Freya’s painting (and the circles from where the lid or the paint jar had fallen or stood). As it is childrens paint, it dried up a little pale, so I edited the photo’s digitally.

– I’ve written the above part a few days ago, but it’s kind of busy, not much time to write so I continue in photo’s now and no text. –

The card was made mostly digitally, then I uploaded it to have it printed by a cardprinting company, and then I added some stamping with (bought) handmade stamps from Memi’s rainbow. (I stamped the little prince and 3 stars on it, the star stamp was inked up once when stamping 3 stars.)


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