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Vibrant tranquility – Chocolate baroque july/august challenge

Elemental Buddha and Desert Flowers

Chocolate Baroque, one of my favourite stamp designers/manufacturers has launched a challenge blog 🙂 Great news!.

The first challenge is a colour challenge:

What a coïncidence! I had a half finished card which I messed up which had blue, yellow and red on it.. maybe I could use that? More on that card later in this post, as it went from messed up to pretty to messed up again…

New try. I  thought of the lovely peacocks stamps! So I tried a layout, stamping onto scrap paper.

And didn’t like it – it was somehow too obvious. Peacock Feathers is one of my favourite colours distress ink, so I use it often. Also the peacock stamps didn’t have the magic click this time. (You know what I mean, right? When you look at your stamps, with a vague idea in your head (or none at all, doesn’t really matter) and the stamps “speak” to you, and you “see” what you want to make / which materials you want to use.. The inspiration upon seeing a stamp was lacking in combination with this challenge and the peacock stamp.

Browsing on to other stamps. I found one, one I had used recently in a very pretty card (I haven’t posted that one yet, so this is a reference to a future post).  The buddha from the tranquility set!

Here is my entry for the Chocolate Baroque challenge #1, july/august (The challenge will close at 12.00 p.m. on 19th August GMT, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 27th August 2014.)

Virbant Buddha

Elemental Buddha – earth in plants, stone, water, air (although it’s yellow air), metal (gold) and fire. Eeehm… the heat that makes the air yellow? The fire in the medidation that makes the buddha glow?) Ok, not exactly Feng Shui then, but as I don’t know anything about it I think it’s Feng Shui enough ;).

Materials used:

  • Buddha stamp from Chocolate Baroque Tranquility Unmounted Rubber stamp sheet – A5 UA5SP0458
  • Stamp from Chocolate Baroque Indian Textiles Unmounted Rubber stamp sheet – A5 UA5SP0413
  • 12’x 12′ stencil cell theory from crafter’s workshop
  • stencil Botanical leaves from Craft Emotions modelling paste.
  • Distress inks I most likely have used (I can’t remember exactly : Shabby shutters, peeled paint, pumice stone, shattered straw, old paper, squeezed lemonade, mustard seed, tumbled glass, walnut stain and maybe also broken china.
  • Caran D’ache neocolors for colouring the stamped images
  • Distress marker black soot for some accents on the “stones”, black fineliner and white gellpen for accents,
  • Rangers Queens Gold embossing powder
  • paper pen opaque

Some explanation on how it’s made:

I started with stamping the main image, the buddha, then masked it off.

To make the maskI stamp with stazon onto self adhesive window foil, cut it out and then I have a reusable mask – do test the stickyness of the glue first though, sometimes it can be a bit too sticky, so make it less stickier if needed by sticking it on and off paper a few times, rubbing firmly when putting it on.

Next, I stamped the other stamp, leaving some space between the buddha and this stamp, and embossed with Queens gold.This space was intended to create more dimension and to give room to the aura of the buddha, a soft light emitting from (mainly) the head.

I coloured the buddha and other stamp. I know people usually start with the background, but I didn’t this time, as I wasn’t sure about the colours I would use, so I started the other way around. I had masks for both stamps, so I simply masked them off when I went to work on the rest of the card.

tI used the stencils with distress ink first. Then I added the molding paste – the molding paste absorbs the color from the distress ink, mixed with the white of the molding paste so it is a bit of a pastel effect. I gave the modling paste more dimension with the leaves stencil by putting my palet knife flat onto the paste and then lifting it off, creating “peaks”. For the stones (as that what the cells are on this card) I sort of scratched it with the pallet knife. I added some black sooth distress marker onto the stones as the colour was too uniform grey (eventhough I used pumice stone and old paper.)

On the leaves I added some peeled paint, added a touch of paper pen opaque in the hair and a pearl in her hands.

The card is lacking something, I know, and I know what it is: a sentiment in the upper right corner. But untill I know for which occasion I want to use the card, I don’t want to put a sentiment on it. It should be something about peace, or strength.

Oh, the frame (or how do you call the card behind the center frame) was made from white cardstock, using the same colours as the dominant colours in that area, also to emphasize them (the green leaves, grey stones, blue water and yellow air)

Daqadoodles140723wo152521 Daqadoodles140723wo221207 Daqadoodles140723wo221418

Now, about the failed card that I started making prior to this challenge. It kind of failed so it was just hanging there waiting for me to rescue it. I didn’t take pictures of it then, but the inking of the embossed part went wrong (it was more like and inktcircle over the embossed flower rather then only an embossed and inked dandelion).


The background was very fitting for this challenge so I wanted to make something out of it for this challenge – and I was pretty happy with the result. Untill I did the final touch, which kind of went wrong as well. This time it is the stmes of the flowers. No idea yet how to cover that up – maybe leave it as it is, and call it artsy, or cover it with paper strips as stems?


For the buddha card, I think some softer yellow would have been more suitable, as it’s less “tranquil” now due to the bright and intense yellow. I’ll make a short post after this post about the other buddha card I made before this one (I absolutely love the frame I made for that card!)


10 thoughts on “Vibrant tranquility – Chocolate baroque july/august challenge

  1. Hi Debbie, thank you for entering the Chocolate Baroque challenge. Your card is great, love the stones and leaves, and found reading your step by step fascinating. The outer frame is great, echoing the colours of the main background. BTW, I love the funky second card too! Judith xx

  2. Hi Debbie, I had to smile to myself when I read about the stamps speaking to you. I feel the same way sometimes you just pick one of them up and then off you go. We wont tell anyone though that we talk to our stamps!! lol! Gorgeous card. Beautifully made and colored. I loooove how you have used the stamps on your second card. So creative and original. I would leave the stems as they are. They look really great. I bet if you put the card to one side and then looked at it again a day later you would see there is nothing at all wrong with them. Very artsy.
    Flo xx

    • Thank you for reading that wall of text and then even have energy to leave a comment! Maybe I should get that stamp “you’re just jealous because the little voices only talk to ME” now – you would know what it meant ;).
      I probably leave the second card as it is indeed, maybe only add a sentiment once I know whom it is for and for what occasion. Mostly because I have many unfinished – or should I say, many and much more unfinished projects laying around. Some are only ideas (5% progress, having bought the materials), some are at 20%ish (great backgrounds!), and others 50% to 75%. – mostly done but missing something still (and ofcourse then matting it etc).
      And thank you for following my blog 😀 – I see you are another wordpress user (yay!) – hopping over to you now 🙂

  3. Hi Debbie, beautiful vibrant tranquility, love your combination of stamps and the flowers look awesome on the bottom beautiful design. Great use of the inspiration colours and thank you for joining in the fun at Chocolate Baroque’s Colour Challenge! Good luck, Shirleyx

  4. Mind blowing creation, Debbie. I read your post twice… so generous of you to share your creative process. Fascinating! I love how you’ve used stamps from several sets and they blend so perfectly … wow! Thank you for joining our first Colour Challenge. I hope you had fun and will play again soon.
    hugs, Asha

    • Thank you for your comment! I make cards because the process of making it is relaxing for me, so it is only logical for me to describe that as well, not only the card. The process is part of the card.

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