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Strength and peace



I loved this card. It was made with love, joy, compassion, sadness, tears, due to the occasion  of the card and for whom it was. The text is very fitting too.


I started with the 12 x 12 stencil cell theory and scattered straw distress ink, and only later added the buddha. I like how I coloured the buddha, it was a pretty pretty card. I outlined some of the cells, while others  fade into the background.

All was well and beautiful untill the final touch: the text. I had roughly cut out the text on the ex mount foam and hadn’t tried it out first – you can see why you should. There were ugly edges on my pretty card! Even a big smear in the face of the buddha.


My solution? Cover it. I stamped the indian decorative figure, embossed it with queens gold embossing powder, coloured it, cut it out and placed it over the buddhaás head, cutting it off at the shoulders. Next, I stamped the buddha’s head and embossed it with fine black emobssing powder. Then I coloured it, cut it out and glued in place. Most of the error covered, and the visible parts… proof that it was handmade ;).

The text ofcourse was cut off – several letters had disappeared behind the decorative figure, so I wrote them by hand with a fineliner, only then it was very visible that those lines where thicker then the stamped letters. So I went over those too.


Then I made the frame. Oh how I liked it – so much that I put it in front of the mainpaper instead of behind. (I always cut out the middle to save weight and to make more use of my paper).

The frame was made with distress inks rusty hinge (my favourite, together with peacock feathers), walnut stain and brushed corduroy. Then sprayed with my wonderful spray thingy (it was a spray thing from ikea way back, they don’t sell it anymore but it sprays fantastic drops – not too fine drops but a good size drops as you can see!). Dabbed the water off, and then sprayed with – what’s it called – rangers glimmer mist copper spray? It looked real rusty, copper like. I love the contrast of the blue and the rust, love the serenity the card still emits eventhough vibrant colours are used. I like the glow behind the buddha, with the ornament on top as some holy sign.

In comparison to the other card (previous post, but I made that card later) I still prefer this one due to the blue in it, it is more peaceful, less “active”. But if I hadn’t made the other card, I would have not been able to compare the two and see the effects of the colours. A buddha in red is still possible, but with a less virbant background. Soft blue or soft yellow, not the hard yellow.

And then there are so many more colours to try….




It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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