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A bundle of innocence – Our third child is born!

Well he wasn’t born just now or yesterday, but almost exactly 2 weeks ago. (As I’m typing this, it’s 22:31, and he was born 2 weeks ago on the 3rd of july at 22:47).


He got a bit of a classic name – Lodewijk. It means: warrior/fighter for loot. The two other names he got mean: strength of a lion and protector of mankind. Lodewijk is the dutch version for Louis, or Aloysius, althouht those two names are/were quite common in (the south) of the Netherlands too, as there is / was lots of French influence here.

We are all doing fine, and enjoying him a lot. He’s very sweet. Then again, babies cry most when they are 6 to 8 weeks old.

Only a short post, was a busy day today! More about the birthannouncement card and how I made it later!

Here is a picture of his very proud brother, holding him for the first time the next morning, Lodewijk is about 12 hrs old here.  (Lodewijk, just as his brother and sister, was born at home) :


His sister was frowning a bit at him, but she soon decided he was interesting and fun. He too has eyes, and ears, and a nose, and hair:


And last, an “action” family picture, Lodewijk was about 18 hrs old here:



2 thoughts on “A bundle of innocence – Our third child is born!

  1. Debbie,
    Please accept these belated congratulations!! I was at the beach when I received the notice of your blog post and I don’t like to type in messages on my phone. Anyway, LOVE that pic of your whole family and I think it’s incredible that you have done all home births. Way to go! [I had my kid at the hospital and was home 8 hours later.] Today I received both cards you sent. Merci, merci! Such a cute design and bold colors on your birth announcement. Just lovely!! Thank you, too, for the French postcard.:) Hope you have lots of bonding, breastfeeding and time to rest.

    • Thanks! I completely understand what you mean about typing messages on my phone. I am always fighting with the little on screen keyboard – I just prefer a REAL keyboard. Next phone will have a keyboard again, don’t care if the screen is smaller. And even then, I still don’t like to message, I usually use my phone only to check messages. I like the family picture too, it’s energetic, active :). Pfft, so about 7 hours later you had to get dressed and in the car and drive home… That wouldn’t have been a problem this time but it would be more inconvenient the previous two births, maybe especially the first!
      I’ll explain more about the birthcard later (paintings of Tobias and Freya are used for it).
      Lots of time to rest?Lots of time to craft!

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