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A T on both sides.

Indeed, just a “T”. That’s what I made a few years ago when I started decoupage.

I was curious how wrapping paper would look, but didn’t have anything at hand to decoupate, so I made a letter (T, the first letter of the name of my son) with some scrap cardbox, and then glued normal copy paper around it. I forgot why I did that. Maybe so I would have white as background colour? Or maybe the ribs of the cardbox were too visible? No idea. As I really thought it was just going to end up on the trashpile, I didn’t make it completely straight.

Obviously, it didn’t end up on the trashpile, it’s been hanging on the wall.

One side is decoupaged with pieces of ikea christmas wrapping paper (or was it Hema or V&D? I do remember I didn’t think it was very Christmas- like, but didn’t see anything else in the shop).

The other side also has that paper, but it also has IKEA napkins (the bird napkins) worked into them.

The pieces of paper do wrinkle a bit, but I didn’t mind for this project, and I don’t think I tried getting them on without wrinkles.

Anyway, here are pictures:

Daqadoodles13_12_11_17236 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17245 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17244 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17243 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17252 Daqadoodles13_12_11_17251


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