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WOYWW 231 – What Workdesk?

WOYWW #231 – What workdesk?

Thank you Julia from Stamping Ground for hosting another week of What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday! First I’ll refresh your memory, here is my crafting area as it was as mentioned in WOYWW#227

Halfway - the little sidetable I made on a blue monday in furniture / woodworking school, it was behind a big chair but placed here because it would go to storage. Ofcourse it got used immediately to put my binders with stamps on, while I was cleaning out the bookshelves on the left. The little chest of drawers is in storage too now.



And here is how it looks now:


It’s GONE! (A creeper came near and it exploded?).

Don’t worry though, it has only moved. I haven’t crafted much lately, because the table is not next to my crafting stuff anymore, and I am used to that so it is a bit inconvenient that it is now moved and reduced in size. I know, still lots of space, and those are just lame excuses. A better reason for not crafting much is the reason you saw those boxes: cleaning the house of clutter. We’re not moving, but preparing to sell. My motto is that is should look like a hotel, (very clean, and no personal items) and that about 2/3 of our stuff needs to go, so there is lots of empty space. I am also waaay behind on reading blogs, I’ve got about 100 unread posts to go through. It will be browsing images, and thinking I haven’t left a comment in ages on certain blogs I follow. And then moving on to the next post. (I’m sure many of you recognize this, commenting just takes up quite some time, especially when you’re like me and can’t keep a comment short!) (I don’t mind short comments though!)

Sorting out stuff takes up lots of time and energy!


I did do a bit of crafting,I printed a slide my dad made 30ish years ago on fabric (a bit smaller then A4, it was glued on an A4 sheet for printing with my epson stylus SX235 printer) – I still need to finish the procedure (ironing, drying, washing in water and vinegar to set the ink). (Not all ink is suitable for this, some will fade when washing).


I’m not sure what I am going to do with the fabric, I think I’ll use it to decorate an old ugly binder/folder thingy (I don’t know the english word). My sewing skills are horrible, and I’ve thrown out my old and only half working sewing machine, so sewing is kind of not an option.

Furthermore, I’m making a series of minecraft Christmas cards. Minecraft is a popular game (which I do play/have played also) – you can dig, build, explore. And there are the creepers. They creep up on you and go Ssssssssssssss……. BOOOOOM! (yes, they explode, leaving behind a crater and you being dead if you’re unlucky). The Sssssss sound is reason for many a panicked reaction, frantically trying to get away from the sound, to safety. The creeper is very well known, even amongst non gamers. I thought it would be fun to make some geeky Christmas cards (and sell those if possible), of creepers with Christmas embellisments.


I made the creepers by printing an image several times and cutting out squares (it’s built up out of squares), and then using those as masks. I wanted to make it directly on the card, but I messed up when I used the unfolded cardstock: I stamped on the wrong side. So I decided those will be cut out and matted onto another card. That is why the other side of the cardstock is also stamped, it will be cut out.

Punchlines to add could be: End the year with a bang / enjoy the fireworks. Got any more suggestions? (I already discarded: Don’t eat until you explode, have a creepy Christmas, Have an explosive holiday)

I’d love to hear your suggestions as to Christmassy punchlines for the creeper card!

Thank you for visiting 🙂

29 thoughts on “WOYWW 231 – What Workdesk?

  1. Oh, I got the Minecraft reference from the first sentence! I have two sons, you see, so Minecraft is big in this household…I even made my eldest a Minecraft cake for his 18th birthday!! Those cards are awesome…they should sell really well online!!
    I think you’re doing the right things tidying up before trying to sell, it does help even though the very items you need to craft with always end up at the bottom of the packing crate!!
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

    • Didn’t you post about it? The cake, I mean? (Recently someone did, I remember). I plan to add a little santa hat or a bunting or ornaments to the creeper. Or snowflakes falling down. Or a snowman next to him, about to be blown up…

  2. Hi Debbie, for someone so busy i must thank you for taking the time to visit my blog today. I too love Minecraft, its so addictive isnt it. i love your cards based on the game.
    Gill xx

    • It’s a quiet day at work, and I don’t think it’s fair if I participate in woyww and not visit or comment on other blogs! I won’t comment on each blog like last time, but i do try to visit at least the 10 blogs before and after me, and maybe the first 10.

  3. I don’t know anything about Minecraft and I can’t zoom in to have a closer look…but it sounds like you’re having fun. Be well Carole # 72

  4. I dont play minecraft but I am a big Prince of Persia and Doom fan! Love your cards, especially your glow in the dark ones in previous posts.

    Thanks for visiting my desk already

    • Thank you! I did play prince of persia previously on a console (the old prince of persia) but on a pc it’s just not the same. And then that race sequence through the streets… did that many many times before I finally got it. So I didn’t get the new game (or was that the newest and am I confusing it with the movies?)

  5. Thanks for visiting earlier, I appreciate it. The little advent boxes you saw, I made with my Silhouette Portrait, it cuts beautifully and it was fun making the boxes…. It’ s just that there are so many to make.
    De-cluttering the house is such a noble thing to do, but essential if you are about to sell!
    My son just sent me a heap of pictures that the estate agent took prior to them listing their house…I’ve never seen it look so pristine! Here’s hoping both of you are successful!
    Chrissie #60

    • I only have a small cuttlebug, so it would be handcutting for me, but still they look very inviting to make.
      Thank you for the good thoughts! I’m certain our house will never again look so pristine as it will be on the estate agents pictures, haha! Well ofcourse in case of showing I’d have to, but not after we have moved.

  6. Good luck with the clearing to get ready for putting your home on the market…we have been on the market since March and it certainly tries your patience 🙂
    A x # 41

    • Thanks! 8 months.. it’s about time it sells then! I think it will test more then patience, it will also test my housekeeping and organizing skills, I’m a kind of chaotic person and not the best (or most efficient) housekeeper.

  7. Hi there I haven’t heard of mine craft I’m afraid- maybe when my grandsons are older? Hope you don’t have to wait too long to sell your house. I remember all that keeping it tidy etc when we sold. Thanks for visiting me Anne x #63

    • I didn’t expect that many peopel to get the reference, and thought most only would because there are people in their surroundings playing it, I’m surprised still that quite a few knew it!
      And keeping it tidy… I honestly think it would be better if we moved out before selling it! With a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old and a chaotic me it’s almost mission impossible to keep it tidy and spotless!

  8. Aha! Not being a gamer, the creeper reference was lost on me, though the space you have created was not… good move to declutter the place before putting it on the market. I had a very strict real estate agent when I was selling the house in Calgary last year… she nagged and pointed stuff out and even came and checked that I had decluttered enough before getting the photos done… and the house sold in 7 days… so she was right! 🙂 Annette #14

    • haha no it looks weird, empty like that. I emptied it because we will use the space as a “garage” for the renovation, we have lots of woodwork (the planks of woord that go around doors and windows?) that need to be prepared. They are not mounted yet, so I figured I’d sacrifice a room to be used as garage for a while. After that is done, the table will go back ofcourse.

  9. Not a gamer – didn’t understand all the references – sorry. Thanks for visiting, though. Well, I might have 60 cards made – but I still have over 100 to go….and time getting less! We sold our home and moved fairly recently – made sure it was neat and tidy – didn’t get rid of anything or leave boxes about, though, just put things in the attic – and left our own pictures and photos around the place. The garden looked the tidiest it had ever been after my efforts there! Sold quickly, so now am in beautiful North Wales – the place where my heart lives!
    I, too, like to use my own photos – print them and use them on cards, or as large pictures for presents.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #49

    • The boxes still have to go to a storage space, we don’t have that much storage. And we have lots of stuff, so we need to create the illusion of having plenty of space by removing lots! Once a week or once every two weeks we bring several boxes to storage. I think I’m almost there though.

  10. Hope your house sale goes well and you get to have all your crafty stuff back soon – you’ll have withdrawal symptoms if its pack away for too long!

    • Indeed! I haven’t packed my crafting stuff, but I really should – it’s in a built-in cupboard which people can and probably will open. But what to store and what to keep around so I won’t miss crafting to much?

  11. Thank you sooo much for stopping by today and leaving a kind word on my celery cards! Made my day! I had overtime, so am late going around tonight. Love your board on the wall hanging your work! So cool! I have never heard of that process with the fabric, but boy is that looking so nice already. Great that you can incorporate a slide your dad took! Not a video game person, but love that you are making your cards uniquely you! I think I am in the minority as I don’t play any games as I tried with the kids and can’t do it well. I am a checkers kinda gal! Enjoy the week! Winnie#66

    • Thanks for the kind words too! I still need to make a post about that board on the wall. It’s an old stair-gate (A little fence to prevent children falling down or climbing up). I am planning on making one more, but no idea when!

  12. Thanks for the visit to my blog yesterday. Oh, and I did not ´draw´ the hands on my journal page… one is a cut out silhouet which I sprayed with ink and the other is my own hand, outlined on a left over piece of paper. Easy peasy… YOU can do it! Happy woyww Happy woyww – on Thursday 😉 – and a hug from rainy Holland. Marit #88

  13. Hellooooo! Thanks for stopping by!

    Hmmm. Minecraft. Never played it. Used to play Warcraft though LOL.

    how about – for your cards – “No creeping, no peeping!”

    or “On the 1st day of Christmas my Minecraft gave to me… a Creep who keeps on creeping up on me….”

    The glass jars will be for sale – I cover them in strawsilk and embellish, and sell them at craft fairs.

    Have a good week.

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