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Peek-a-boo! Guest designer at Country View Crafts’ challenge site!



So, finally! A few posts ago I told you about being in the top 3 for the Country View Challenge Blog. Now it´s time to share more about it! Read my introduction of the card I made at the Country View Crafts Challenge blog and then come back for more details in this post.

Are you done reading the other post yet?

I know, it’s my own fault for talking too much…

Allright then. Let the making-of begin!

The making of The BOO

After having made 3 cards I wasn’t completely satisfied with, (see my previous posts, but don’t go looking now!) I started anew. Deadline was coming closer, and I guess that pressure unleashed the good ideas. Startingpoint for this card is the word BOO. Next inspiration is actually a background I made on linen-paper for one of the other cards, it just wanted to be used.

The background. It kind of looks spooky allready. Insert noise of scratching nails here.  It reminds me of the game Silent Hill I used to play. Creepy console game.

The background. It kind of looks spooky allready. Insert noise of scratching nails here.
It reminds me of the game Silent Hill I used to play. Creepy console game.

The paper was a bit too big for my design, I wanted a rectangular card not the more square card, so I cut it to size.
I am also enjoying the glow-in-the dark embossing powder, it’s not a very long lasting effect but ofcourse I could not NOT use it. BOO should be seen in the dark, so I embossed it before going on. My original idea had been a black card with only the glow-in-the-dark embossed BOO on it, but I’m just not good at CAS, so I didn’t even try making that one asI knew I’d add stuff.

The BOO making extended version

This card has been finished 3 times. With that, I mean that I thought it was finished 3 times, and the last time I was finished, I was right. So I’ve got lots of pictures of the first finish, the second, and third.
My amount of Halloween stamps is very very limited, so I was looking through all my stamps for something fitting. And thus I came across this cute cat from Vivalasvegastamps. Cute didn’t fit in my idea though, so I un-cuted it, by narrowing the eyes and adding fangs and claws, and embossing those as well with glow-in-the-dark powder.


A were-cat?

Searching through die-cuts and stamps for some bushy things, as if the cat is peeking from behind bushes. Then I remembered my dark, unfinished backgrounds with a border stamp fomr Hero Arts. Purr-fect! Inking the edges a bit with brown, moss green for a bit more darkness.

Just used the Hero arts stamp

Here I had just used the Hero arts stamp

Still, it didn’t have that spookyness I was looking for. (Or rather, horror). Next brilliant idea was to use the trickling water stamp in red, as if it’s blood. Blood dripping down the card.

I also added a raindrop and waterdroplet. Both are stamps with multople drops on it. I inked up only 1 drop by masking off part of the stamp before inking. These three stamps are from Designs by Ryn


Spot the difference between the drops on this card and the end result!

Colouring the cat black with a black marker and adding some white lines for more contrast were the finishing touches. (In fact, after having taken the pictures I added a bit more lines. Pictures show more then I see while looking at the card!)

Ending of the making of The BOO

Or was it the end? I matted the card onto black cardstock, but not before stamping the background/edge stamp on the black cardstock and embossing it with black embossing powder. Just a subtle shine.


And then, the end result.


As you can imagine it was quite hard photographing the card without effect, with only the effect (like you would see in the dark) and in “dusk” light. So here is a gallery of a selection of pictures taken. (I know, it doesn’t look like it, but it really is a selection!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you liked it! Don’t be a silent ghosvisitor, make some noise: Comments are very much appreciated!

Untill next time,



One thought on “Peek-a-boo! Guest designer at Country View Crafts’ challenge site!

  1. Hey Debbie, found my way here with no problems this time 🙂 Thanks for getting back to me. Neat card! The water effects really do fit into the “Halloween” theme well. Hehe, love the cat! I’ve had so many cats who loved to stick their paws under doors or through boxes to play. This captures that so well… Miss cats… Sniff…

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