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Renovate, birthday, store, sort, fix, clean, sell?

Lots of words, none to do with the card, but all to do with my life now. It’s a busy time, with the first birthday of my daughter coming up, more progress in renovating the appartment as we really want to put it on the market soon, also we have rented storage space to put our surplus of things in while we renovate. So that means storing things. Which means sorting things. Which means reorganizing, throwing stuff away, making decisions what goes where, what to keep and what to store later. Later? Yes, later. We’ll have to rent a bigger storage when we want to sell – right now we just want more room to renovate. The required space when we want to sell would be about as much as our appartment :P. No, I’m not looking forward to be selling a house. Why? 2 reasons. First reason is 2 1/2 years old, and the second will be 1 years old soon. We would love to be moved into a new home before T. is 4 though, the age when he has to attend school. Preferrably we’ll move a bit sooner so he can make some friends at the daycare before going to school. (We’d be moving halfway across the country, near family and a house with a garden and garage). I love living here in Den Haag with my friends near, but I do miss a garden and garage. Here it’s quite expensive, or you’d have to move to one of the smaller villages near here, but then I wouldn’t be living “here”, where I do now. And in that case, I’d rather move south where houses with gardens and garage are still in our budget range and where we will live near family. On to the card now.

Baby Jasper


A while ago we received this birth announcement card. I love making a card which is based on their card (see also my post “Copy Cat” where I made two baby cards based on the announcement card).

Jasper means treasurekeeper, that is why I added the sleeping baby on top of the key and crown.


Getting the color right was difficult!

The baby stamp is from Stampinback (Sleeping Baby SB 816), the crown from a Primna Marketing set(Viva Decor: Crown, Lion, Wing set), and the key is a Marianne Design creatable (LR0193- – Key). Embossed with queens’gold embossing powder and a little silver embossing powder on the key as well.

Sometimes I make a card I am not entirely satisfied with. The idea is ok but the execution could be better. Example:

Daqadoodles13_07_04_084228Which was based on this card (anonimized for privacy):

Oh, before I show this card: The paper version didn’t include a name – it did include an instruction on how to use layar for it. Then you saw the full card with all details! I loved that! IT and cards :D.

On to the card:

Geboortekaartje Noor PiscaerSo I wanted to include the pink and blue, the bird and egg, and her name. In that, I managed. I messed up when wanting to add some highlights to the card (before placing the letters) and where the chick would stand. I was originally thinking of making an egg with feet, but somehow I forgot that idea and made a chick of it, but the shape is more egg like. Also the style is too cute still, not “modern” enough to really fit with this card. So not my best card. The quilling was new, I made the strips with Nellie Snellen’s die, but it doesn’t cut really sharp strips of paper. I rolled them anyway, and inked it a bit, trying to give the chick some depth. (I know, the light part should be on top if that’s where the light is coming from…) In the end, I did like the embossed letters a lot, although maybe I should have sticked to 1 color pink. (the embossed twisted paper legs were a horror to make).

Back to Jasper: Daqadoodles13_07_05_220522


I’d like to enter this card (baby Jasper, not Noor) in the following challenge:

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