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Copper Kisses

My choice and layout for now.

My chosen background and layout for now.

About a year ago (or was it more?) I had received several original vintage postcards with French Kisses on them, from Trishia of FrenchKissed Postcards. I had them in a drawer so they wouldn’t be damaged. Then I had them in a simple white frame (Nytta from Ikea) so I could see them.  I had bought several of these frames, with the intention of personalizing them. Well, I finally did.

Almost done! After this picture I might have added another layer and I took some cards out  and rearranged the remainder.

Almost done! After this picture I might have added another layer (or 2 or 3) and I took some cards out and rearranged the remainder. (Yes, pard of a wall is pained copper metallic!)

As often is the case with projects like this, I forget to take pictures at the start, so I only started taking pictures halfway through.

The starting frame is A3 size, white.

nyttja-wissellijst__0124867_PE281970_S4Nothing special.

I started with a layer of copper crackling paint from Viva Decor. It didn’t crackle very much though, I think the surface was too smooth/straight and the coat I applied was probably not thick enough.

Then I decoupaged the corners. And al ittle in the middle. I used roses napkins, flowers&birds napkins, and some decoupage paper.

After that coat I lightly put turquoise paint on it here and there, and swiped it off with a cloth so it would go in the cracks.

I thought the decoupage paper with the white background would be a nice touch, but I didn’t like it so I painted over it with copper metallic acryllic paint, and I might have applied even more decoupage pieces on it. Also, I thought the turqoise was too visible, so went over it also a bit with the metallic copper paint.

After I was done decoupaging, I added another layer of decoupage glue, and after that dried, I stamped some text on it. Sprayed with a bit of perfect pearls spray copper (from ranger) and finished it off with another layer of decoupage glue.

I might have added another layer in between (of glue, or copper paint), and I don’t think the copper spray had much effect.

I do like the end result! I put some of the cards in the frame allready and put it up, with the grey of the paper that came with the frame as backgroound . I still need to change that, because it doesn’t fit at all. I was thinking of making my own background, but just now while writing this, I’ve got a lightbulb moment: Use some of the wallpaper from the sample books I have! Easy peasy. I’ll go do that now, back in 15 minutes! (Have to take a picture too ofcourse). Meanwhile, take a look at my gallery of the frame-project. Lots of pictures to keep you busy.

I hope I put them in chronological order.

Ok, it was a bit more then 15 minutes. 30? 45? I forgot something important when guessing the amount of time it would take. And that is that I would have to choose a wallpaper….

Help me out here! Which background do you prefer?


3 thoughts on “Copper Kisses

  1. Wow I love that frame, you should definitely join in with woyww one week, you’ll fit right in! Love those images, you were right to take some out of the finished piece. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Hehe I’d love to join, only my version of WoyWW would be: what’s on your Wall (and how does my cupboard look like with all stored things) as my workspace is the dining table – that needs to be empty (or at least half empty) for every meal! Thank you for stopping by here as well 🙂

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