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Top 3 at Country View Crafts Challenge!

I had great news last week, I made top 3 at the Country View Crafts Challenge of August with my mermaid card!

(Oh, and did you see my badge about the top 3 of the Craft Room Challenge in the beginning of August?!)

Jay!! I’m quite proud at it. I know my cards have improved, but there is still so much to learn, so much room for improvement, and still also plenty of cards that are a bit mwah (or plain failures). A year ago I saw this quote on pinterest, and it keeps inspiring me. Not only to craft, but to post each card, even the failed ones. Later on, when I mostly make awesome cards (I keep hoping), I can look back and see the journey I made. Others can see the journey I made.

Oh the quote… yes… let me grab it.

The Gap

So yes, I am happy with the top 3! Being chosen in a top 3 is very flattering.

So, the Country Views Crafts’ Challenge. I love how it is a mix of styles, how I feel I can post my non-cute style there without feeling completely out of place. Along with a spot in the top 3 I am also invited to make a guest-designer piece for the next challenge. As soon as I heard more about it I started crafting, and several unfinished projects are scattered around now. I like each one, and dislike several things on each one. How do you go from there? How do you choose? Well I’ve still got a few days to finish one.

Making choices is not my strongest point. It shows in the amount of words I use to express myself. I cannot choose amongst words. I cannot choose between pictures. And now I am also asked to send in only 2 pictures of my project, and one of myself (aargh!) and a short  description about me. Oh dear.

Anyway, onto something totally different.

My Mister

No, not my partner, I mean my water spray tool thingy (plantenspuit/waterspray ding) (I don’t even know the dutch word for it, haha). Anyway, this thing is called a mister in english. With toddlers in the house, things can break, including one of your most favourite, treasured and cherished craft items. A year (or two) ago I allready mentioned it. Here it is, in perfect shape still:

Daqadoodles12_02_16_16594(See that clock background I made? I still haven’t used it….)

My lovely mister from Ikea, unavailable now. It made the most beautiful water drops. See this card:


So it fell, and the plastic broke. Ofcourse I used it as an example to my son why you should be carefull with things, and that things can break (he let it drop on the floor).

Broken. (the rubber cover of the top had come off a few months earlier)

Broken. (the rubber cover of the top had come off a few months earlier)

But I’m a crafter, and the pump itself was not broken, just the bottle, so I searched for a little glass jar in which I would fit the pump. And now, the rest of the story is beneath the pictures.

It doesn’t hold as much water as it used too (but I didn’t have to refull often anyway) and it looks less romantic. It reminds me of some sort of cyborg/robot/steampunkassembled thingy. And I can’t spot it that fast now, as it’s not bright orange. It does fit better in my cupboard though.

Oh, and for my son, he can use this misterthingy. It used to hold a sweet candy spray, and my nephews bought it on a day out and I asked one of them if I could have it if he finished it. He was fine with it. It has a very fine spray, and it’s a bit harder to aim with, but at least it can’t fall and break!

I placed the ink next to it so you have an idea of the size.

I placed the ink next to it so you have an idea of the size.

One thing I should not forget, the new pump leaks, as I didn’t saw straight. I could try to fill up the gaps with glue, but I think I just keep it straight up. That works for me!

Here is a sneek peek of some other projects (that involve paint and decoupage) that I still have to blog about or which are lying around:

Thank you for visiting!

ps: the post might be a little more cluttered then usual, but my time is limited. Kids have not been wanting to sleep before 22:00ish (10:00PM) for several days, and it was busy at work, so I’m kind of tired… I need to put less words in my post. But, as said earlier, I can’t choose which words to leave out 😛


8 thoughts on “Top 3 at Country View Crafts Challenge!

  1. Hi Debbie, you are the ‘genie in the bottle’! Great idea to create your own mister with that spray! Hope the kiddies will manage to sleep earlier soon! Like the quote and indeed we all make a journey in our creative world! When I see some work I did years ago it’s different than the things I make now. We improve and learn more skills and have more experience by just playing a lot! warm greet Miranda

    • Thank you for your comment!
      Yesterday the kids slept at 21:15, but the youngest woke up 3 times in the night (lost her “speen”). today it looked like it was going to be 20:45 but ended up 21:15 too. Hope they sleep through the night though, I need it!
      There are still so many projects waiting to be finished, I lost sight of them. But I’m working on a fix for that… (it’s my priority project now).

  2. At first: congratulations to your top3 award! 🙂
    GAP: this is SO true! I will translate this to spread the word *gg* these words will be consolatory for all beginners ..
    MISTER: at first again: my commiserations to the break down of the original one – and congratulations again to reborn mister! I think I like the new shape even a bit more … it’s kinda steampunk style *lol*. BTW, regarding the leaks: what about a rubber seal between the pump socket and the top of the lid? I bet you can get a matching size in every d.i.y. store …
    hugs, serafeena 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment!
      That quote is brilliant in keeping your spirits up when you just ruined a project!
      The mister does look steampunky now indeed!
      The leak is indeed in the lid, as I didn’t really try to make a tight fitting hole, as it’s sort of a keyhole shaped hole due to the two tubes going through it. I could try with a rubber, but that is for later, probably when I’ve ruined a card because the mister fell over and leaked on it…

  3. congratulations, Debbie, on your award AND on creating a new mister:) You are the Jane of All Trades (does that make sense — we call a person who has multiple skills a “Jack of All Trades”). LUV the mermaid!

    • Thanks 🙂 It does make sense, I know the expression.
      ps: 2 of the 3 sneak peek pictures at the bottom are somehow related to you, I hope to have time to finish them soon, and blog about them!

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