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The gears that make You

Online friend

The next card is a card for a dear friend who lives 900km away. I’ve met him “IRL” twice. Most internet friends are more on the level of acquiantances (or less) in terms of participating in your real life: no birthday visits or non-digital attention, no helping hand possible in times of need, no going out together, not really knowing other people around you other then from your stories. There are exceptions ofcourse. But mostly internet friendships are like collegues – they are part of your life, you share lots, maybe even more then to one you’d speak to face to face, but they are not part of your life. They are outsiders, hearing your story, telling their story, and emphasizing with you, but they are not real part of the story. But this guy is. He made me think deeper about a lot of things. He made me aware of my choices, where I thought I didn’t have them. He made me appreciate (my) life more, and made me enjoy (my) life more. And he did all this not intentional, it’s because of who and how he is. He’s a thinker, dreamer, filosopher, (a poet if he’d be a writer) and has(had) a different view on life, one that I don’t agree with. Not necessarily a depressed view, but a somewhat negative and “it’s all pointless and futile” view. Because of his views I am aware of my views, and appreciate them. An example: We are futile, our actions are lost in the vastness of the world, they are lost in time.

Allready told

I disagree. I see my actions as a snowball, which ofcourse can melt under the blistering heat of a hellish sun, but it can also grow. I might not notice it growing, it might be slow. A little seed. Not all seeds sprout, but some do, and grow firm trees. They might be lost in time to me, but not to the people I will never meet. I believe in spreading positiviness. Who knows what a smile in the morning to the busdriver will bring? Maybe he’s thinking: this is going to be a good day, is cheerful and greets people cheerfully. The people he greets, maybe they are pleasantly surprised by his cheerfulness. Maybe they are not, and are a bit grumpy still (remember, it’s morning). But maybe out of politeness they smile and greet back. When I worked in the service sector, in a restaurant, I sometimes was grumpy and didn’t feel like being friendly or smiling. But ofcourse, it’s work, so I am friendly (I actually alwasy am, don’t have the guts to not be friendly), and I give them the extra smile. And what do you know, after a few smiles and positive reactions back, my grumpy mood is gone. So, maybe those grumpy people will be less grumpy. And maybe they will be more generous.
I’ve told this “philosophy” before, but I keep repeating it, hoping more people will be aware of how their actions could influence others. How you could spread positiviness. With only a smile or a friendly word to start with.

Back to the receiver

Of the card I mean, not the phone. So, I wanted to really try my best for a card for him, make it masculine, but also a bit about him. The gears of his mind, the key to his thoughts. The hinge that holds the door, that he swung open for me. I hope to give him sunshine, light, warmth, happy things, good things, positiviness.

So here is my card.

Front: The gears that work the door, just insert the key.

Front: The gears that work the door, just insert the key. Get those gears oiled and moving!

I’ve used copper metallic acryllic paint, crackle medium, stamped the gears, added turqoise acryllic paint, bronze pearlen pen, pewter perlen pen, rusty hinge and tumbled glass stamped harlequin square. I had that one for quite a while, and loved it’s look, but never found a suitable project for it.

Venetian plaster

Old world and contemporary plaster finishes by Jay Bernard (I turned it 90 degrees for my card)

The base is an A5 sized cardstock card with a printed image on it. The image had been a test to see how the printer spits out the image. I did add the perfect pearls mist perfect copper to it, but it didn’t quite come out as coppery as I hoped. It still looked interesting though, so I glued it on cardstock to use it as a base for a card.

Now onto the back.

Some light so you can see the key.

Some light so you can see the key.

Backside of the key

Backside of the key


I’d like to enter this card in the following challenges:

9 thoughts on “The gears that make You

  1. Awesome texture and I LOVE that hinge on your card! A beautiful collaged card with loads of wonderful detail!

    Thank you once again for entering our Steampunk challenge “chez SanDee&amelie’s” 😉

    die amelie x

  2. Hi, the recipient is going to love this for sure! You have achieved great texture …Thank you for entering the Craft Room embossing challenge. Wishes, Suzanne x

  3. Thank you for all your comments!
    The hinge is a die cut from Tim Holtz, Hardware findings if I remember correctly. (The keyhole and key are from that set too).

  4. Wonderful, you have achieved all you set out to here and more fantastic card your friend must have loved it. Thank you for sharing with us at Craft-Room Challenge XOXO Zoe

  5. What a beautiful card, and so much more special because of the thought and meaning put into each part of it – your friend will really treasure this. Thanks for joining in with our Heat Embossing theme over at the Craft-Room.

    Maria x

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