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In dreams everything is possible

A while ago I made several backgrounds with metallic acryllic paint. I finally got around to make a card with it. Unfortunately the ink isn’t taking on this metallic paint (could be I also sprayed it with distress copper spray, I think I started making it in May and finished it a month later).

Can you see the stamped background image?

Can you see the stamped background image?

I had stamped a text/background stamp but it hardly showed, so I thought I’d emboss a swirly curl instead. When I poured the embossing powder over it, it appeared that my previous stamped image hadn’t dried yet, so I could emboss that too. Sometimes unplanned things turn out great. I decided my lady Jude would fit here bperfectly, but I didn’t feel like colouring her. So I stamped her on different pieces of paper, distressed those pieces and cut them out – she is paper-pieced together wit ha few layers. Every colour is another stamp. (Only now I notice her left hand should be on the top layer, but it’s on the back layer).

And only now  I notice I haven’t got a picture of the finished card… it’s dark now, hope the picture will turn out ok. I really could have sworn I took a photo when it was ready. Ah well, at least you can relate the colours to the above picture.

Here it goes: Lady Jude by night

My picture and pressing station - The rock light besides the card is my press weight, to flatten out pieces of unruly card (see the workpiece below).

My picture and pressing station – The rock light besides the card is my press weight, to flatten out pieces of unruly card (see the workpiece below).

Last thing was to add a text, and that was the hardest thing. How would I fit that on? Stamping wouldn’t work. So I took a piece of paper and stamped the text. I tore the ends of the strip of paper and sprayed it in a “splattering” way so the drops would fit with the turqoise drops on the background. Then I outlined the word “Possiblility” with a silver metallic gelpen, and inked the edges with dewdrop gold.

Now a series of pictures, each one horrible on lighting, but it gives an idea of the card. These pictuers were made beneath the lamp on our IKEA bjurstra black-brown table.:

Daqadoodles13_07_24_00371 Daqadoodles13_07_24_00362 Daqadoodles13_07_24_00363

I’d like to enter the following challenges with this card. I hope the fact that I made this card before the challenge doesn’t count as backlinking, I’m a card or 10 behind in posting.

Aah yes, see I did have pictures of her, she made a cameo appearance before in one of my blog posts, I hope that doesn’t count as backlinking as she was just a figurant in a post about two dancing ladies, making backgrounds and the possibilities of a digital image I got. (she was the mother, the daughter went out shopping for clothes). These are the pictures where she appears from that post:

Daqadoodles13_05_27_17021 Daqadoodles13_05_27_17047


9 thoughts on “In dreams everything is possible

    • Both were very fun to make, especially the backgrounds haha, those were the easy bits. And I love the copper colour, too bad it’s hard stamping over acryllic paints. Maybe it would work with alcohol inks, but I don’t have those (yet).

  1. As you did not post that very project before our challenge started, it very well counts for me 😉
    A great background – I LOVE the blue sparkles in there. And what a great job you did with layering your lady! Wow!

    Thank you for sharing this with us at SanDee&amelie’s Steampunk Challenges!

    die amelie x

    • I’ve got two big bottles of metallic copper and turqoise paint, I love that combination, so I had to try to use it for cards. Getting the turqoise runny enough to splatter but still thick enough to be intense took a few tries, but I’m happy with the results.

  2. Such striking embossing …and that background is to die for. It doesnt matter if your card has been made before ….it hasn’t been blogged so we are very pleased to have you join us at the Craft Room. Wishes, Suzanne x

    • I’m sure going to use the copper paint (and turqoise) more for backgrounds. Usually I make a few, as I’ve got the paint out allready, too much for just 1 card.

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