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Boys and tires

First this:

Daqadoodles CactusIsn’t this a beautiful image? With a sweet, soft focus, a very vintage feel. In fact, it is vintage. True vintage: It’s a picture my dad made.

For their 40th weddinganniversary we scanned in lots of old slides, and this was one of them. We didn’t have a slide scanner, so we propped the slides up against our Philips Wake up light, on full strength, and then made a photo with our Nikon camera.

Here is that picture:

Daqadoodles CactusI did restore the colours a bit in photoshop elements (I think something like autoadjust at that time, due to the large amount of slides).

Daqadoodles Cactus

edited differently

Daqadoodles Cactus

Here we did used a slidescan thingy which we borrowed from a friend. Although the picture is still pretty, I liked the soft colours on the first better.

In one of the cases (photographing or scanning the slides) we had the slide on backwards. Which one it is? I have no clue.

There are several more of these around. It’s such a lovely image, I just have to use it sometime for a card!

Cacti aren’t very good for tires, yet I go from a flowering cactus to tires…. paper tires!

The cards

In May I made these two birthdaycards, one for a boy who turned 9 and his father.

For the boy

The boy had just made the local newspaper in an article about cycling – he didn’t know at the time it was an actual journalist who was interviewing him, so it kind of came as a surprise.

I had wanted to use more of the article, but thought it was about his birthday, not the fact that he was in the newspapers. I did stick with the cycling theme though. And I thought, what would 9 year old boys like? Shiny stuff? eeeew no glitter! But wait, if it’s metal…. metal would be ok. So I went for a metal look. No distressing as I love to do, as that doesn’t really fit most kids his age.


Note: I edited out his name in the pictures, it’s above the quote from the article. The quote says: “Professional cyclists, that’s what I want to be. Nothing else.”

The picture is also a print from a copy of the article, so not a high resolution print. The pictures in the little frames are pictures his mom sent via whatsapp (via the mobile phone), showing him with his new bike (a while ago), his dad who also picked up cycling again, and him on a training round.


The problem with metallics is how to photograph them – the colours look very different on each of these pictures!

I initially made the card smaller. I had made the background, and started laying out the pieces. It was a bit like this:

edited the first picture - I cut off the left edge in photoshop as I didn't take a picture of the initial card.

edited the first picture – I cut off the left edge in photoshop as I didn’t take a picture of the initial card.

So I cut the card in half, and moved the halves outward, and put the diaframes over the gap. Ofcourse I hid this on the backside by gluing it on a folded piece of cardboard of the appropriate size, the card itself so to say.

Daqadoodles13_06_01_001310I added letters to it, and did grunge those up a bit. Because I like it. It didn’t quite turned out how I had planned – because of the high contrast in the background, it was hard to make a contrast with the letters. I would have to make those in gold or green to make them pop, but I didn’t want to add more colour to it. So I just stayed with it.

Materials used:

  • Embossing folder M-bossabilities EL-016 Kickin’ Rubber
  • All gears and cogs: Die cut Do Crafts Xcut Chonology XCU 503151 cogs
  • Die cut:  Joy! Crafts Vintage Flourishes – Noor! Design – 6002/0137 – Grass border
  • Die cut: Accucut Zip’e cuts ZiFR50 Slide Mount Frame
  • Vintage Market alphabet die by Tim Holtz
  • Stazon Jet Black on the silver background

For the dad

Dad is an engineer, and he had a volkswagen beetle. I had bought stamps earlier for that reason. Way earlier. I wanted to make a cheerful card, not dark colours as is often the case with men’s cards.  But now on the picture it is a bit busy, I didn’t add a ‘quiet” point.


Front of the car(d)

I’ve scouted the internet again for some straight, firm, steady font, then wrote the word “congratulations” (in dutch: gefeliciteerd) several times in paint.net in different fonts, applyed some custom brushes to the background and then chose my preferred font. It turned out to be this one.

Daqadoodles13_06_01_001412And the back of the card, here you can see I stamped the car in a lighter brown as well (brown? I think it was actually Memento’s Morroco, which is more an earthy clay red.)

Materials used:

  • Embossing folder: Provo craft Clockworks 20-00205
  • Stamp: DoCrafts Papermania Square Urban Stamp Chronology – Cogs PMA 907142
  • Car stamps (car, logo’s, words): Classic Cars by Rob Meijer Design
  • Festive berries, rusty hinge, mustard seed and pumice stone on the white paper
  • Stazon jet black, Memento Morroco,  and? Sepia from Ranger? I can’t remember.

2 thoughts on “Boys and tires

  1. Great cards – such a fab cycling collage for your budding professional cyclist (great quote from him!), and terrific texture on the car card.

    As for the cactus photo, it’s simply beautiful. Interesting seeing the different versions, but the first one is definitely my favourite.
    Have a great weekend,
    Alison x

    • Thank you for your comment and compliments! There were more slides like that, my dad isn’t a bad photographer. I’ve gotten more images that I thought : oooooh I need to find a use for this! Or maybe just print them out large on canvas.

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