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Faith restored

My faith in the sun is restored. It still exists! I saw it today, I felt it today!

Woooohooo, we had a bit of Summer!

(I think it also was going to be the only good day this week – I don’t really check the weatherforecast a lot.)

In a few weeks, we’ll say:

Do you remember the Summer of 2013? Well I remember it clearly. It was on Monday 27th of May. It started in the morning with a beautifull sunrise, rays shining behind the curtain so bright even my son (2 years old) noticed it and pointed at the curtains, saying “look! look!”. Indeed there was something special. No grey sky, no rain, no snow, but rays of light.

The morning developed to be magical: I went outside to do a bit of woodturning on the balcony, smelling the fresh air woodchips and dust, and between cutting away wood I heard… BIRDS!

Ok I did hear them in autumn (that was the day before Summer) as well, but not as happy as today. I went to look at the birdsnest which we can see from our kitchen window, and I saw mommybird return to the nest. I hope the eggs have been ok during the previous winter (that was 2 days before Summer).

I put my little seedlings ouside for fresh rays, and oh my did they like it! I swear I could almost see them lift their crowns up toward the sun, stretching, reaching up, fresh and happy swaying. Oh, wait, that’s not swaying, that’s begging for water…

After having satisfied their thirst, it was time for some uninteresting stuff. (reading blogs, telling long stories to strangers via e-mail, do the laundry, and in between al that, do some work – like in, work that I’m paid for).

Then it was time to get creative!

Meet … eh wait, she doesn’t have a name yet, oh my…googling for a name that fits her, one moment!

Ah yes, here she is, Esmeralda! She’s a traveller. Travelled all the way from France to the USA (FrenchKissed) and back here to Europe, to The Netherlands, The Hague.

(From Frenchkissed on Etsy)

I had taken her to go (photo)shopping for a few other dresses the previous evening. (I waited all day to write that line, I though it was rather smart… get it? shopping – photoshopping?)

Anyway, she did also get a tiny makeover: dyed her hair a little lighter and gave her some new lipstick and eye-outliner (but only for her left eye). I think I’ll dye her hair black again though, that was very pretty. Or maybe I should add some copper to it, a fiery redhead!

Here she is in the fitting room, dancing!

I... I...I..I'm staying alive, staying alive

I… I…I..I’m staying alive, staying alive

She eventually bought the yellow dress. She met a girl that looked quite like her, but with a purple dress.

They did a polonaise together.



Here they are, patting eachother on the back and holding hands:


The mom of her new friend was watching, and called them over. (In fact it’s a card that is layin beneath that glass plate to get a bit flatter, it was a bit wavy).


She even checked out a skirt for her friends mom:


Then she got silly and showed other stuff that was lying around.

Daqadoodles13_05_27_17074 Daqadoodles13_05_27_17112

Isn’t she just so very versatile? Can you see her, holding up a sign by some strings, or a puppet and strings (oooh I can do that, with real string!), or a heart between her hands… or a pillow for the sleepyheads, like I’m going to be tomorrow because it’s late!

That’s if for today, a few projects in the making, and fun on this sunny day! I hope you had a fun and enjoyable day too.

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2 thoughts on “Faith restored

  1. Good morning sunshine, the earth says Hello……..always thinking of this song when the weather is like this! Nice to read your post today and I can also hear the birds singing here in the garden.Like your very very versatile girl, she must be a bit like you I think! Have a sunny creative day Debbie! warm greetz Miranda

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