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Perfect round mini cake

Untill it fell…

Then it turned into a sort of rectangular  with round shape boat/carfront/shape cake.

Treat for the daycare – a mini cake.

A while ago (april) I told you about the cake I made for my sons birthday. I liked making that cake and still had buttercream left. I also didn’t have a traktatie for the ladies at the daycare. For the children I wanted to make boxes with cut outs of cars on the sides, and filled with raisins. But for the staff I wanted something else. So I decided to make a little cake. I had a 2 small round cakeforms, I think the sizes were 20 and 15 cm. (the 15 one being very low as well)

I made the batter, made the cakes, and everything looked great!


Beautiful perfect round cakes.


Doesn’t that look good allready?

I decided the little cake wasn’t needed, the bottom one was high enough so I would cut that in half and fill it with banana filling.

I put in toothpicks on the sides, and then cut the cake in half as carefully as I could. I did quite a good job. As you can see on the picture, I used some (play)wood to lay my knife on, as a guide to cut horizontal. (I didn’t cut with the knife next to it ofcourse, I took a bigger knife).


My last banana.

I took out the buttercream and filling and stacked the cake, ending with a nice layer of buttercream.Hmm this doesn’t really smears out smooth here- oh a toothpick. Oops. Riiiight, I had put those in so I could reposition the cake exactly how I had cut it, but I had totally forgotten about that. But where are the toothpicks now? Yup. I had pushed them into the cake while putting on the buttercream. After a very thorough examination and turning the cake round and round for about 20 times I had finally found that last toothpick. (I had only used 2).(Or did I use 4? If I used 4 I’ve been stupid and not realized the last one would have been on the opposite side of one of the toothpicks I allready had found)

I’ve read a tip that it is easier to get the cream straight and flat if you put teh cake+cream in the fridge a bit first, so I put the cake in my cake-box. The cakebox was a bit big for this cake though. 30+ cm in diameter? I put in the small plate the cake was on, and put it in the cakebox. I opened the fridge, and was about to put the cakebox in when everything started sliding…



Sad me. Somewhere I knew this was about to happen, as it was all going so well! The cakes were perfectly round, I had just enough filling and cream left, putting the butter on was ok too. But now…

I looked at the remains. The two circles were still more or less intact, maybe I could put them back on top of eachother?

When I tried to slide them a bit, some cake broke off. So sliding was not possible. Ok. No round cake then, but can I salvage some still? Time to cut off the broken/uneven pieces.

boohoo, my pretty round cake :(

boohoo, my pretty round cake 😦

There was still some usable cake on the left. Maybe I could make some sort of Volkswagen Beetle out of it?

A car? Or speedboat?

A car? Or speedboat?

It didn’t look like a car. Or anything else, really. Trying to make it round, at this time in the evening…not an option. So it would be a “form”. Just a cake with a strange form. Oh well. it stll would taste good!

Back in the fridge for a bit, trying to smooth it out after an on to the decorating.


I got hope it looked ok.

I couldn’t get the two colours of fondant together well, it was ugly at those places, so I hid them with some cut forms.


The back wasn’t very pretty, but it was a tiny cake. More like a baby shoe. That could be fitting too, as my sons was going from the babygroup to the gropu of 2-4 year olds as well. (Only he’s a boy, so pink didn’t really fit). but the bananayellow and red (it’s called red, not pink) was what I had. The stars and elephant on top are marsepain, the others are fondant.


Treat for the kids

I had made the treats for the kids before I started on the cake. I used the boxes I had made previously when my son was born. Those boxes were intended as little gifts for people who come visit the new born baby, and I had gotten a bit carried away in making them. I still have some left now. I intentionally wanted to glue 2 cut outs of cars onto each box, to the sides, but this was enough work allready – I cut the car out with a Marianne Design creatable. 17 cars means positining the die, stacking, and pushing it through the machine 34 times. Why 34? because of the embossing. It has to go through the machine again to emboss the other parts. Imagine if I had put 2 cars on 1 box – 68 stacks.

So I put the cut outs on the boxes (after I filled those with raisins), but didn’t have a good way to present those. If I’d lay them flat, round in a circle like they were originally supposed to, the cars would be in each others way. The only option was stacking. The challenge then was how to present it, how to make sure it stayed stacked. I built a sort of mold from paper, put the boxes in that and tied it together with a ribbon.


Not wanting the cake to slide again in the too big box, I searched for something else for it to fit in. I was very thankfull for the big box I have received earlier this year from my mom in law. The cake fit perfectly on the lid! (This way it needs least moving, you can open the box and cut the cake right away instead of having to get it out of the box.)


Oh, I see I added some forest fruit the last minute. I also took the top of a icecreambox, decorated that with aluminium foil and used that under the cake. The moist is because I hadn’t dried the box well enough yet, but was so happy it fit that I took pictures first!


And one last picture from the back:


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