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Not a regular birth announcement card – Part deux

The inside

In the previous post I explained my design process and choices for the front of the card. Now I turn to the inside and the backside of the card. The fold of the card is at the top. The upper half is just plain light-yellow or cream coloured. The lower half  had to contain the following:

  • A little rhyme
  • Her name(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Her specs: weight, length (sorry, IT joke)
  • Our phone numbers and the request to call before visiting
  • Our adress.

That is quite some tekst, so no room for a big or a lot of images.

I tinkered a bit (actually a lot) on the green edge of the front, and tinkered a lot on an image of Charlie.

The original image of Charlis is a picture of about 2 years ago, when he was lying on his cat-thing in the sun. I have used it in my header now too, as I do really like the image.  Here is the original photo.

Charlie our sunworshipper

Yup I bent his tail to fit better on the card. And I made an end to the tail, sort of. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this photo, as now you can see that I bent the tail, that it doesn’t look entirely natural. If I hadn’t posted the photo, you might have thought it was a normal pose, a cat who is swinging his tail maybe.

I had actually selected this image also for the front, but had decided not to use it for that as the perspective / horizon was difficult. I then decided to make new photo’s of Charlie, with him on the table so to get a good silhouette. Still, this image had to be used. So it was used, on the inside. I like it a lot, it brings peace and relaxation to the card.

The site where I had my cards printed didn’t have any lettertypes I liked, so I also added the text to the image. Downside is that once you have added the text to the image, you can’t select it as text anymore, it will become pixels – part of the image. So lots of layers, lots of testing. I have downloaded lots of fonts (I like fonts) from various sites where you can download free fonts (don’t have the site names at hand at the moment).

After some testing, I choose the font “DS_Mysticora“. Oh and for the name Freya on the front I have used the font “Beauregard“.

The little rhyme I chose (wasn’t able to come up with a fun short rhyme myself) ofcourse rhymes in Dutch but I can’t translate it with rhyme. But here it is:

Tobias couldn’t handle the mischief alone any more, now he has a sister to help him!

The (or rather, “a'”) Dutch word for mischief is “kattekwaad”. The word is made up out of two words: kat  &  kwaad. Kat means cat, and kwaad means angry, or harm.  The combination means mischief, like little kids do, ringing doorbells and running away, stuff like that. Not that cats ring doorbells, but they do plenty of naughty stuff. I liked to use the word as cats are also in the theme of the card, and it involves Tobias as well. As Tobias is on the front of the card, welcoming his little sister, this just seemed perfect. I am not sure anymore in which order I had chosen the design/rhyme: Did I choose the rhyme because of the picture of Tobias I had for the front, or did I put Tobias on the front because of the rhyme? I think it was the first option, as I remember having felt “finally the card is done” after I had finished the front. I had yet to get started on the inside though. Just to give you an idea of how much time the front had cost (in comparison to the inside and backside).

The backside

On the backside I wanted an explanation of the meaning of the name Freya, as I love the meaning. When looking at baby names, I always look up the meaning of the name, as I do take that into account when choosing a name. I loved the meaning of Freya. Ofcourse, I allready knew it had to do with the scandinavian godess Freya. In the previous post I have linked to the wikipedia site about Freya and the meaning of her name, so I am not going to repeat myself here. The Dutch version is a compilation of information from various sites (also the dutch wikipedia site).

The text is an explanation, a dictionary page-like. Therefore I wanted a font that looked old, ancient, from the time when people still believed in those gods, a font that matches the origin (scandinavian like). The font I chose is “Faith Collapsing“. I love how it is faded in places eventhough people might think the card didn’t print well. It’s like an old piece of text found in a dungeon.

Hmm I realize now that it would have looked better if I had written it in the present tense, now it is in the past tense for the most part. Another thing I thought of later is that the small text on the inside might be a bit on the small side, especially for people whose vision is not as good as it used to be.

All in all I am still very pleased with this card, it has lots of stories around it, lots of meaning although the receivers might not realize that. For me, and hopefully later for Freya, it does. It’s not supergirly uber gender stereotyping pink. I get annoyed by — edit: this rant was not fit for this post, I’ll put it in a new post–

So this was the story of the birthannouncement card for Freya. Fall, Scandinavian, the meaning of her name is incorporated into it, still a baby element in it, personal, made with images from the world around us. What do you think of it? Do you have a card that to you has a story but probably to others it’s just a card?

Next post: how to paint a picture on a polystyrol sheet, Part 1, preparing the image.

From picture

To painting on a transparant medium

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