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Craftgawker & my endless “To Do” (Or never going to do?) list.

I’m sure you have heard of Craftgawker. (http://craftgawker.com/)
For those of you who haven’t: It’s a site that collects great crafting blogposts and features them on their site, sort of like pinterest only not an image is added, but there is a link to the whole blogpost. I was subscribed to the rss feed before pinterest, and am checking it more often then pinterest. It does give about 20 new posts each day, so it’s quite a lot to go through, but I usually check the images and title and only view what seems interesting to me, and if I really like it, I add it to my favourites with my own tags.

Today I read, via craftgawker, on All Things Paper a post about The Rekindled Page. It’s a shop that sells lovely special prints. Not just prints, but prints on old dictionary pages. Geeky prints, (any Dr. Who fans around, like my partner?) or French prints (Trishia, check it out!). Also in lightbox form.

Balloons over Paris

It’s absolutely lovely, and I immediately linked the images of French Kissed Postcards (Trishia) to these prints. As the lightboxes are made in the US, their Voltage is different from that in Europe. Also, the shipping costs for big items are about half the item’s price, that’s why I don’t order non-envelop sized items from the US. I would if I have more money, but in these slightly more difficult economical times I’m on the penny. So I am thinking of making my own lightbox, with my own image (for the children’s room, a lightbox with the image of their birthcards on it?). Or another lovely image.

*Added to my “To Do” list.*

Problem is, my to do list will probably never be done, as it’s huuuuge. It’s more like: “It would be awesome if I could finally make the time to make this myself!”

Making time

It realy is not about having time. Many people say they don’t have the time for something. But that’s not it. It’s about making time, it’s about priorities. If you would really want it, would really really strive to do it, you’d find the time. It might mean your house is not clean, kids have to make their own sandwiches and you have to cancell some social plans, but you would do that if you really would want it. The Do Do list is about crafting, it usually means: reserve a day / part of a day for the following: getting (buying) supplies, getting lots of stuff out on the table, concentrate, craft, make a mess, make an error, retry, wait & clean up a bit, wait some more, get stuff out again, craft, wait, and taddaaaa, there’s the end result, not looking like the beautifull picture from pinterest / craftgawker, but more like a strange art project your little kid made at school.) So at the moment other things get priority. Things that don’t require supplies I haven’t got, don’t require a big table or a space to mess with paint, (like a garden). Actually, crafting still doesn’t have priority, it’s much easier to play a single player game which I can pause whenever I want. No mess, no stuff to take out, no problems keeping my sons hands off it (he’s 18 months and curious).

One day…

But one day, when I’m retired (I’m 32 now, and retirement age just went up here in The Netherlands to 67..) So in 35 years I might have time to tackle those (by then old-fashioned and outdated) projects on my to-do list. Oopsie, no, I just realized I have to babysit my grandkids then (as daycare is getting more expensive and parents can’t really get by without both of them working. But at the end of my life, I’d value spending time with my (grand)kids more then having crafted a lot I guess, and dreaming about making those things is entertaining too 😉


2 thoughts on “Craftgawker & my endless “To Do” (Or never going to do?) list.

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  2. Debbie, I just now checked out this blog post. Going to share the Craftgawkers site:) The other site you mentioned — Luv the Eiffel Tower lightbox but …oh my, I would be really worried about copyright issues on Dr Who stuff and the Marvel comics Superheroes……!!!

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