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Wisdom in pink

It’s been a while!

That’s because I’m busy creating a big, important project. It will take another week or 4 to be completed, but then I hope to be able to enjoy it a lot 🙂 After that I think I’ll spend some time enjoying my latest project – a baby – before starting being creative on paperstuff again.

Oh I’m forgetting ofcourse the birthannouncement card I’ve still got to make, I got a clear idea of what I want to make (it’s got to do with the name and origin of the name we want to give the baby) but it doesn’t exist in that way yet so I have to make it myself.

This morning however I made a quick card for a collegue of mine who had a baby-girl about a month ago and whom we went to visit today. What is our little boy big compared to a “new born” baby like that! I’m soooo curious how he will react to his little sibling, and how we will manage! You know, preventing Tobias from hitting or poking the baby, or making a scene when I’m breastfeeding because he wants attention, or how I will be able to rest! I’m sure everything will be ok, millions of women can handle multiple kids right after the birth of a baby, so why can’t I?

Back on topic, this isn’t about my pregnancy or my excitement for the baby to come, it’s about the little quick card I made this morning!

It’s not as perfect as it could be, but I do like it 🙂 Made in about 45 minutes hour. Didn’t have time for an envelop so stuck a piece of paper through a loop and taped it to the gift.

The reason it still took me 45 minutes is that I spent quite some time gathering the supplies I might need (I had gathered blue stuff first, and then I realized, oh wait, a girl = pink!), and then selecting the things I wanted to use, and then figuring out how my cuttlebug worked again (this Tim Holtz die, is it with an A, B and C plate, or A, B and B? Or did I have to add a paper shim to it). Then my pearl-pen squirted a blob out instead of a nice little pearl, so I stuck a transparant stone into it (the plastic things that are used in decorative vases along with coloured sand and such). and covered that with the red of the paper-pen.  I added some colour to the brown stamp, with a few ectra dots to create a sort of faux-watercolour carlessness style (which didn’t turn out as well as I liked), but all in all it was still ok.

Then I wrote our wishes inside and our names – and ofcourse didn’t pay attention to the fact that I cut off some of the front with the butterfly punch. So you can slightly see Tobias his name through it.

Her name is Sofia, hence I chose the owls to be put on the card. (Sofia = wisdom, and owls are seen as “wise”).

By that time my partner was allready loading a struggling child into the car (I told him to get ahead as Tobias was getting restless), so no time for an envelop. Just quickly putting (most of) the supplies away, tape the card to the gift and make a quick picture of it. Then hurry to the car.

That’s it for now, son is awake so computer time is over for me!


It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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