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For a Hagenaar in Oslo

I almost forgot the last few pictures.

Although Norway was great, it was also very nice to see a real city again when arriving in Kiel. They had traffic lights! More then 1 supermarket!

Ofcourse, in Norway we didn’t really visit the big towns like Oslo or Lillehammer. But I did long for a bit of city again.
A friend of mine emigrated to Oslo, and she lived in the same town as I live now. When we where nearing home and the sun was setting, I watched my country with tourists eyes and tried to capture that from within the car. With dirty windows. And those annoying guardrails kept popping into my picture, and if it wasn’t that, it was poles or trees in my picture!

Here are the surviving pictures:



Somewhere after we got home we watched the movies “Cars” for the first time. This did affect my view on the picture somewhat. I get a “cars” feeling to it.

Next: The skyline of The Hague, seen from the highway A12 when you enter the city.





I have asked you allready 3 times, but now I really want to know:

Which picture do you like most?


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