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I’m back!

Hi all!

I apologize for having “vanished” without a clear explanation. There are various reasons, mostly happy ones!

I am pregnant! :D:D
The first couple of weeks I was very very tired, I began to be that tired in the week(s) where I was finishing the love me 2 challenges from French Kissed. Then I didn’t start new challenges, as I went to bed about half an hour after Tobias went to bed, so that didn’t leave much time to do anything. And my poor boyfriend had to work extra hard: do most of the cooking, shopping, laundry… I was just too tired. Other pregnancy related issues I had where lots of muscle pains when walking, and I did want to walk to train a bit for Norway. I regularly went walking with Tobias in the stroller for 1-3 hours, but the muscules sometimes hurt, sharp unannounced pains. Not like muscle pain from sporting. Also my back hurt lots, I even slept on the couch 2 nights because it is harder then our bed and I preferred that at that point! I am not sure if the pains were related to the changes in my body the first trimester (they were definetaly related to the pregnancy), but now I have them .. well, I don’t think I had them anymore for a few weeks. Could also be that I watch the way I lift Tobias much more carefully, and that I let my boyfriend carry most stuff or catch Tobias if he’s running around. My body posture, the way I bend and lift things isn’t good, I know that, but it is hard to change things like that!

About 1 1/2 months ago I started feeling less tired, I felt my energy returning. That was around my 16th week of pregnancy I think, around 16th of April. Then I had some catching up to do regarding the house – cleaning, sorting out my (pregnancy-)clothes etc. I didn’t feel like crafting, probably because I am allready busy with creation 24hrs a day now, haha!

Life was beginning to be a bit more organized, so it was time for work to become busy. And our vacation was coming up: Norway! on Saturday the 12th of May we departed, with the car through Germany, stayed in a hotel in Kiel for one night, then board the boat to Oslo around noon and arrive the following morning (Monday) at 10:00 in Oslo. We didn’t have much time there as we had a 300+ km trip waiting to Skeikampen where we stayed 3 nights. Next destination was Kaupanger, for 7 nights, and last place was Vradal, 4 nights. Then back to Oslo and board the boat and disembark the following day in Kiel, and arrive home late in the evening on Tuesday 29th of May.

Quite rested and full of energy from the holidays, and with our annual holidaypay finally on our accounts, we went to Ikea to get our TV/Wall storage unit. We spent around 3 days setting it up – it’s quite a challenge doing that with a little 1 year old wanting to “help”, so we mostly had to wait till the evening to get going. When that was built, we couldn’t possibly put place our old tv in it. It is a very old one, and the colours were a bit off. Also, if wouldn’t fit because it is too deep. So we bought a new TV! We have been saving up for it for about 2 years, as we knew we wanted a new one but not before we had a proper place to put it (media furniture). With that purchase, we’re out of cash again but we really enjoy the room now!


As you can see, it’s still not quite finished (the storage unit and the room). It still needs a carpet, some (self made?) artwork above the couch, and we want to put some flashy, colourfull wallpaper on the chimney. Also on the chimney we want to add one or 2 shelves which wil contain lots of plants, so the outside will be brought in a bit. Ofcourse, it will hide the wallpaper a bit, but I think it could match beautifully with the right wallpaper. Any suggestions? (I love the Eijffinger’s colourful collections!)

And then we still have to do lots of the woodwork of the separation unit, it has to be painted a different colour, all tools sorted and stored properly (somewhere else, like at my parents-in law for instance, haha!), doors need to be put in front of the separation unit – For the upper bit the doors have to be made. That was a hollow section which we opened up for storage. So many items aren’t put in a good place, it’s just placed where there was room at the time. And we also still have to do the entrance + staircase directly behind that.

I’m 21 weeks pregnant now, due date is 20th of October, and feeling good. I even feel like crafting again! I am not sure about the reason – could it be that the house is a bit more organized with the new storage unit? Did I rest that much from holiday? Is it because of the phase of the pregnancy I’m in? Or because it is close to summer? Or did building the Ikea unit trigger my creativiness again? (I like putting those things together, a bit like Lego, I like that too). I haven’t quite started crafting yet, as I still need to organize the other room first – there is still lots of stuff lying in places it where I don’t want it to be, but it’s out of the way from Tobias. I expect, once this room (where my computer is) looks organized (for the first time), I’ll mess it up right away by getting my crafting supplies out :).

To see some good crafting, check out my sister’s latest big project: The Raw Wool project.

She’s a great felter and tries out new techniques and materials regularly, and this project looks great! Go and have a look 🙂



2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Debbie, I’m happy for you all around! So glad you had a nice vacation — and I love your wall unit for the TV!!! My chiropractor is pregnant, too, and I am enjoying watching her creative bundle:)

  2. ik ben ook gek van die eijffinger behangetjes 🙂 erg mooi
    enne wei weet kan ik je wel een wandkleedje vilten…. niet zoals dat grote project, maar iets smaller, (past beter achter mijn fiets 😉
    doe maar rustig aan he?

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