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Hi all,
I know it seems like I vanished from the earth, but that isn’t the case.
In my “about” you can read when I started crafting – it was after my son was born, after the pregnancy. I wanted to continue to create things. Maybe that is the reason why I haven’t felt like creating paper things – I’m again busy creating a huge mighty wonderfull magic something – a human being. Yes, I’m pregnant again. Currently 15 weeks. The first 12 weeks I was just very very tired, even thinking of getting stuff out to craft made me tired. And the scent of the ink put me off as well, it just smelled so chemical I didn’t want to open the inkpads!
My energy is returning, though still not the same as before the pregnancy (duh, my body is working 24/7 on this project)… and there’s still so much to do in the house. We finished renovating most big things, now all that is left is a lot of woodwork and the stairsarea (from our frontdoor up to our living floor). But all rooms can be used now, so they are used and I’m a bit done renovating atm. The paint on the built-in room divider cupboards with sliding doors looks awfull – holes, sanded slightly allready, paint damage.. but I can’t be arsed to finish that now. I just want to rearrange the cupboards and give stuff a place, finally. For about 2 years we’ve been renovating (it goes slow if you have little time) and things were just put in places where they fitted. I would love to have it organized, but I have a lot of stuff and we still need to purchase a new and bigger tv-book-media-storage unit thing.

There are some other projects which I am starting to get more and more enthousiastic about of starting – I just need to find the time! For instance, 2 little kid’s chairs, I want to paint one blue and one green, and maybe decoupage some wallpaper or other paper with a fun pattern on it. I think that will be a summerproject.
I still owe you also a nice post about the gifts I received from the FrenchKissedPostcard challenge and all the French Kisses (postcards) I received! They look so much better and have such a different… air… then the digital scans. I wouldn’t have thought that.

Oh and instead of the tiredness I now have the pregnancy-amnesia. Last week I made double plans for the days. Luckily it all worked out fine.

Anyway, I hope to be back again more often from June on!




One thought on “Update

  1. Debbie, glad to hear you are feeling better:) I have never heard of pregnancy amnesia, but I have heard of old age forgetfulness — which is what I have!ha! You have a ‘full plate’ with so much going on in your life. Enjoy!

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