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Angels and demons

I’ve been very quiet the last few weeks, and it’s due to work having been busier, lack of sleep and the renovationn which is picking up speed again.
It’s my sons birthday at easter (his first birthday!) and we’ve invited some people over. Unexpectedly, most of them said yes (they live 2 1/2 hrs driving away so didn’t expect them!). Our goal is to have our other living room finished by then, so we can host all the people. By finished I mean have the floor in. Luckily we have some good friends who are coming to help us next weekend so we hope to have it finished by then. And if that goes well, we might even have time to paint the walls the weekend after that. During the week I’m busy reorganizing stuff, and figuring out what can be thrown out, what can be resold, and how to make more space in my cupboards, haha!
Creativity is put into all this, and not into cardmaking or decoupaging. That will have to wait untill after easter 🙂

Here is a card I made for my mom’s birthday, she is quite philosophical and interested in spirituality, so I made something to go with that theme.

I experimented a bit with emobossing powder, and I quite like it. I used clear embossing powder. The wings are a bit overheated I think, as I used my electric cooking plate to heat it.

More pictures on the bottom of the post, the embossing is better visible there!

I’d like to enter this card into the following challenge:

The lion is the only stamp I have that “leaps”, except for a tiny jaguar logo 😛 I hope this qualifies for that challenge, as the lion isn’t leaping, although he could…

How I made it

I embossed the big angel wings first, then distressed the cardstock.

I stamped the suns with the blue ink, but the ink doesn’t stay on the embossed part. I inked the small stamp partially with black stazon and stamped again on the wings, this time it did stamp onto the embossed part. Then I stamped the fairy. She looked a bit lost, so I inked my stamp with embossing ink, trying only to ink up her wings and wand, and stamped again and used embossing powder on it. Then I used some pencils to give her a bit more blueish colour. I was thinking of adding another colour, but it would distract. The only option would have been a bit of yellow/gold for the big sun. But I like this white and blue look better, and now the attention is on the interaction between the angel and the lion. That is ofcourse where the magic battle is! (Should I have added the colour purple then, as that is the colour of magic?)

The lion (or demon) was stamped onto white cardstock first, and then cut out. I stamped over the entire lion again with embossing ink to emboss him.

Last I used a little bit of sparkly silver on the tip of the wand and the tip of the lion’s claws. I was in doubt as to add a text, and decided not to add one on the front, it would disturb the image. I like the layerness of the card, although it doesn’t seem particularly layered. And I like the results of the embossed angel wings!

5 thoughts on “Angels and demons

  1. Very cool card. I found it to be interesting and the colors very soothing. I like it. Thanks for joining Mema’s Crafts monthly challenge. Good Luck and I hope you will return.

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