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Love me two (three?) Challenge – French Kissed

So here are my entries to the love me two (or three) challenge.

I like the card I made first the least, while that took me most work, haha! The colours just don’t match. I should have altered the digital image first, like I did with the third card. Then it would match the ink I have! (It’s easier to alter the digital image then the ink hehe).

Somehow between the first and second card there is a difference in colour from the digital image, it could be because I printed it in another program (as windows didn’t let me specify the exact size I wanted it printed!) and it asked me something about converting colourscale to something. As an IT-person, I don’t read stuff like that, I just click OK and see what happens. And if it looks bad, then I’ll go figure out what it was and undo it.

The Greek beauty in the temple

The outside of the first card

And the inside - a Greek beauty mixing potions in the temple!

There is some relief in the card as well

Relief, curves and depth?

Open your eyes, let imagination flow like a child and see the true soul of things

Remember how much imagination a child has? A sheet draped around the table is a fort, the hallway is a swamp with crocodiles and you can only pass safely by stepping on the branches (which are shoes)… Look at a butterfly and see a fairy….

Butterfly butterfly let me see Butterfly butterfly please show me! Oh butterfly-sweet, surely you must be Magical, mystical, a fairy maybe?

I put my heart under lock and key

but like a thief in the night you stole it from me.

I edited the colours here, I can’t exactly remember what I did but it included adding an overlay of clours with the option “burn colors”. It made it a bit more metally and rusty, more fitting for the slight steampunk theme. This one has no fancy folds, just the card that opens up like a book.


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