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The past week(s)

It’s been quiet on my side – daily stuff just cought up.

Our son regularly woke up at 4:15/4:30 and didn’t want to go back to sleep till 5:30ish. Here is how it usually goes on a workday:
At 06:00 we need to get up. I’ve been busy with work, meaning having to leave the house (+kid) at 07:15, drop him off at the daycare, park the car at the station and travel further to work by public transport (by car wouldn’t be a good idea), do some holidayreplacement work (which turned out to be more then I was told / am experienced in, so very tiring all these new things) and then hurry back to the parking with public transport (I don’t like it, too many people) in the car to the daycare and in the end I’m home around 18:15ish. Son is hungry and tired, we start cooking / entertaining him, heat up his meal (usually something we kept aside from the day before so his dinner is ready fast), feed him, then it’s time for his bath at 19:00ish. He loves bath. If we don’t pay attention, he’d crawl in with his clothes on. After bath he can play a little bit, then his last bottle of milk and bed, around 19:30/20:00ish. Oh and brush his two little teeth – he likes that too. Not when we brush, but when he can hold the brush and chew a bit on it. We still have to get used to brushing his teeth, we forget this regularly.

So then it’s 20:00, and usually he sleeps fast. Sometimes he cries a bit first, but nothing bad. And then it’s time for hobb– uh no, wait. The table needs to be cleaned, dishwasher filled up, kitchen cleaned a bit, toys put away, prepare for the next day and several other things. It’s about 21:00 then, and we’re tired.  Time to do mail, phonecalls, hobby stuff. Although because of the mess I make when creating things I sometimes just don’t start – it takes me half an hour to clean up! Also, the regular spots where I put my stuff before can’t be used anymore – Tobias is starting to get bigger and reaches for everything, so everything that was in the open cupboard on the bottom has been stacked onto a table to the side. Oh and he likes to climb onto stuff…

Besides that, we’re still having our living room, dining room, computer and play room in one room – the other living room (we have a suite separation, you know, sliding doors) isn’t finished yet. My boyfriend worked on the shoe molds (plinten) and when that is done, the floor can be laid. That is going to be a challenge, as we have to line up with the room of the other side of the door and also lay floor inside the cupboards surrounding the sliding doors. I’m really really looking forward to that room being finished – it’s a bit cramped here. When it’s finished, the couch will move there along with the television, and in this room (where the computers are) will be a big new dining table. (Bjurstra from Ikea). This room is a bit darker, less sun in it, so maybe not the optimum for crafting, but I want the living room to be sunny, and to look onto the balcony.

Last year, 27th of january 2011.

The balcony doors were just placed (we had 1 layer of glass and only 1 small door before).
It has changed now, but it’s still not in use. Renovation has slowed down after Tobias was born, and it’s getting up to speed again but ofcourse can’t be what it was before, as we have a little boy to look after now as well!

Last week our car also broke down, the clutch and something other broke down. Luckily I could borrow a car from a friend to bring Tobias to daycare, but I feel always so clumsy when driving in a different car. Only after a few days I got used to it a bit. The repair costs for the car were 1650 euro… OUCH. You could buy a car for that. Or have a nice 14 day holiday. We were able to pay it, but that new tv and some of the new furniture for the tv will have to wait, we’ll just keep using this old big block of a television. We don’t watch television that often so it’s ok. Still it kind of hurts. Just so much money… But the car drives perfectly again now, and we don’t have to worry about this problem for the next 10 years at least.

By the way, anyone wants to buy some secondhand dutch books from me? 😉 Thought it was time to clean up more, as I need the space, and while I’m at it, get a bit of cash for it as well. (I wasn’t really serious about you buying it, unless you live in the Netherlands. Shipping costs would be more then the books are worth if it would be shipped outside of the Netherlands!)

So, a bit of financial worries here (but who hasn’t in these times?)and a lack of sleep don’t help either. Luckily the last few days were better, Tobias slept well again, we even slept till 07:00 yesterday and today! I felt rested more and had time to finish my last card for the love me two challenge and make a box for them. More on that in the next post.


One thought on “The past week(s)

  1. Debbie, I enjoyed reading this post. I live a very isolated life. My family is small (one daughter, one brother); my husband’s family is small (one brother). So it is very interesting to get a peek at other people’s lives — not the sort of thing one reads in the news or sees on TV, but how other REAL people live:)

It is always a little gift when someone took the time to comment, feedback is much appreciated. / Het is een klein cadeautje wanneer iemand een reactie achterlaat, feedback wordt gewaardeerd!

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