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Some special blogs of interest

Blogland is big. HUUUUGEE. At least, it seems that way to me. I look around at blogs like a kid in a candy store – so many lovely inspirational blogs!

I’d like to share some of my favourite blogs with you, I will not mention the “collection” blogs, promo blogs or challenge blogs, the blogs I want to show you are blogs from the heart, made by real people.


Mod Podge Rocks by Amy Anderson, she is very passioned about decoupaging projects and shows own work and that of others. It’s like a pinterest board but with more information! This is the first other crafting blog I followed, even before I started my own blog.


Viltalakim – Ofcourse I’m totally not biased because she is my oldest sister… but truely, she makes amazing things with felt. The other day she put up a tutorial about how to make your own queen-staff for a kid (it’s Carnaval time in the south of the Netherlands.) She makes it look so easy! (This tutorial is not for beginner btw, as a beginner I would start with felting a soap. Or tiny egges. Or follow a workshop from her! Anyway, lovely items. She made this when I was pregnant for when I got a girl:

Isn’t it adorable? I got a boy so I had no use for it. It’s so cute!

Sewing / knitting/thread and string-things:

I can’t sew  (yet), but this blog isn’t about sewing only. It’s fun to read: Flax and Twine. Very clear instructions on how she made things, she makes it look so easy!

Now onto the blogs I discovered after starting to make cards. I love the style of the blogs, the cards they make.

Digital designs

Through Adorn from Lynne (see further in the text) I checked the site FrenchKissed from Trishia. I kind of thought it was something like all those digital stamps which you see around (why are they called digital stamps and not just cliparts / drawings?). But this was not like that, these where digital images. I liked the first post I read, the humour and style in it, so I read on and took a closer look at her images. It are scans of old postcards, which she then edited and “cleaned” so the postcard is best represented. Although I like the Art deco / Art nouveau a lot, I liked these images as well.

She sells the images on Etsy and Zibbet, there are loads! Here is what I made with some of them.

Did you know that this month she gives away LOTS OF FREEBIES? Go check it out!

I almost forgot, there are a few challenges/contests on her blog:

1) Month of  Daily Downloads (These are the freebies)
2) Paris Week Comment Contest (closed now, ran till 12th feb)
3) Love me Two  Challenge (march 3rd) – send 2 projects (incl. French Kissed images) to Trishia and receive one in return from another crafter, + an original antique postcard! “ÄLSO TWO special winners will be chosen. One will receive a dozen roses from a Frenchman and one will receive a dozen French kisses (fresh as any 100-year old kisses can be:) Details on roses, Frenchman and kisses to come….”(See newer posts for that)
4) Show what you made with FrenchKissed images (untill monday march 12) – see bottom of the blogpost

Another digital artist is Sharon from Plumrose Lane, she makes blog designs (for blogger/blogspot I think, not sure about other blogplatforms), for creative indie souls as she says it herself. I like the virbant colours in her designs, for example her header. It makes my theme seem boring – time for me to continuing developing my own theme and learning html (as it’s my goal to eventually set up a site myself).

Papercrafters blogs:

Adorn from Lynne – it was such a great style difference from most cards I had seen, I loved it!
Scrapchickies – I think this was the first blog where I discovered Tim Holtz. I so loved that style!

Somerset Garden – I was clicking links on blogs I liked (like scrapchickies) to discovere more of that similar style. Odetta makes beautifull collages and scrapping-projects!

Rosita’s gefreubel – the blog is in dutch, but picuters speak louder then words.. have a look!

Liesbeth’s Arts and Crafts – She makes lots of crafty paperthings, not just cards, like this domino book.

a few others: Dot’s Dabbles, Art from the Well, Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries gestempelde creaties, Marjas Stamp addiction, Patricia’s scrapsite and Miranda’s card creations, and started following from today: Craftinggranny’s Card Shack.

Other blogs:

Tree of books – She doesn’t post often, but she carves her own beautiful stamps! I really like her designs.

One wife’s journey – also interested in living more environmentally aware and healthier? Amber writes about her life, trying to live healthier and more chemical free. She tries out recipes for food and cleaning products and shares her results on the blog.

I follow lots more blogs, too many to read all daily unfortunately. WordPress has a nice feature that collects all new posts of blogs you follow in an overview, so I scroll through that and read blogs from there. Several blogs I follow by e-mail, because the wordpress thingy became very slow due to the amount of blogs it needs to check.

So that’s a small selection out of the blogs I follow. I hope it helped you discover some new blogs, also outside of your field of crafting!



ps: any tips about more vintage/shabby-chic/victiorian/arty or non-overcute blogs or challenge sites are welcome!

pps:I have nothing against cute, it’s just that there is soooo much of it around allready. It gets a bit too much. I’ve always thought, when I was a teen, that cardmaking was for old dusty ladies, who think it’s pretty to put lace and flowers onto everything. Now I’m not even old or dusty, and I do use flowers and lace! (Well not real lace as I haven’t got any…). I sometimes hear my “teen” me about how soft and mushy the cards are which I make. I mostly like to make “tough/rough” cards, strong cards, elegant cards, a bit gothic cards, non cutecartoony cards, cards that teenage or early twenties me would like too….


2 thoughts on “Some special blogs of interest

  1. Hi Debra, Oh geez, I hope I got the name right case I’ve lost contact with my blog…..LOL Thanks for stopping by, posting the candy and becoming a follower. You have a really unique blog and I love it. Am following you now and subscribed by email. I have another friend that uses WordPress. Hope to see you back soon. “Hugs”

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely links. Yes i am a blog addict too, its wonderful to take a walk through many blogs as i have been doing this evening. I normally would do this more but have been unwell as you know. I am loving your blog and your generosity in sharing the beauty you find too.
    Have a great weekend
    hugs June x

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