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A new painting everyday but the first brushstroke is never made.

Oh I wished I could paint, then everyday, when I ride to work and look at the sky, I would stop my car and paint the sky, before the moment flies.

That was an impromptu poem, inspired by the beautifull sunrises I see each day. I see them when I enter the highway, and on the highway I see the beautifull colours. Then at the end of the highway, where there is (now still) a nature area, there are beautifull sceneries each morning. O how I often wished I had taken my camera along, and that there was a parking space on top of the bridge… The mist in autumn or spring, the flurry flashes of fog, the soft pink and yellow sky, changing, bright blue, with sunlight shining through. I knew there was a special name for those rays, I looked it up today:

Crepuscular rays (or in Dutch: Wolkenstralen of jakobsladders[1] of crepusculaire stralen )

Such a beautifull sight. I used to be in the passengers seat when my bf worked in the same building, but now I drive along (well, with my son in the back) so I can’t stare at it.

I know that eventhough I would bring my camera, and could stop in the middle of the highway to take pictures, the pictures wouldn’t be right. They would be a very poor copy of the real thing. They would be like a 2-dimensional black and white odorless cake, while the real cake is 3d, full colour and smells delicious. Some beauty can’t be captured on material stuff, it can only be captured in your mind. Too bad mine is leaking like a colander. (That is a Dutch expression literally translated.)

Luckily I’ve got some beauty indoors too, my boyfriend brought me flowers last saturday 🙂 For no special occasion! (Well maybe a bit, we were expecting guests and he thought it would freshen and cheer the place up a bit more, and they were on sale.) Whatever the reason or sale – the fact is, he bought flowers out of his own. I love it 🙂 Such beautifull colours too!

Now I took my camera and made 100’s of pictures. Ok just kidding, just about 20. I’m not sure if I should be thankfull for digital camera’s or not – I have to sort many more foto’s now too! I selected a few, hit the “auto adjust colours” in my image program and here they are:

They seem to be a bit more yellowis pink, and old pink, in real life here. I love the colour, the combination with the soft yellow. (@ Trishia, I know, I said yesterday I didn’t like the bright pink, and here it is…) I really have to think twice before saying I don’t like something. In the past few months, it happened several times that I said (or thought) I didn’t like something, and then a few days later I love it. Well at least life stays interesting that way! Oh and the hair you see on the petals aren’t on the camera or image – it was actually on the petal, I only saw it when processing the images on the computer, and by then didn’t feel like making new pictures. I might use this in a card someday.

(I love the accidental “halo” around the white flower)

And a last picture of my boy, enjoying a cracker:

One thought on “A new painting everyday but the first brushstroke is never made.

  1. great post, Debbie! the expression in English is “leaking like a sieve.” Same thing as a colander:) I won’t tease you about changing your mind about pink — I totally understand. My hubby teases me often about all the things I didn’t like but now love — dark chocolate being one:)

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