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Full of words

This sketch wasn’t hard, but still I started over three times. First I made a coloured background, embossed the tree (I wanted to do something with that tree), and then distressed a strip of paper as ribbon and…nah. Let’s try again. Another background, some stamps for the surrounding strip, emboss them partially, ink the embossed part and… nah. That’s not it either. Let’s see what else I’ve got. Ok, in that case I’ll use my creatable I haven’t used before, the one from Marianne Design. And I cut it out of an old (1979ish) English-Dutch (or Dutch-English) dictionary, I liked the look. So more! A frame, and torn strips for the ribbon, ink the lady and her hat, the edges of the frame, punch bows, ink bows, add them. The tree does fit in here – I still needed a background for the lady, so the tree it was. I wanted a white card with the ” canvas” – though not completely white. I stamped teacups along the edges with my Dew Drop Moonlight white. Glue all in place, and tadaaa! Hmm this made it sound easy, but it took me a while to figure all the elements out. Also I had to be creative for cutting the frame, as the original diecut is a square, so I had to go halfway and then back, being carefull not to go too far.

So that’s in a nutshell how I made it (yeah it’s bedtime here, so in a hurry…)

The card is based on sketch # 170 from CPS:


And here is my card:

With this card I would like to enter the following challenge:

Only after taking the pictures I noticed the black speck. Luckily I could wipe it off!

This last picture was taken by holding the card in front of my computer monitor, this way the teacups and embossing are more clearly visible.


4 thoughts on “Full of words

  1. LUV this, Debbie! I have a ‘thing’ about the written word, so this one really ‘speaks’ to me. I like the way you share your thought process as you create! Sometimes the process and how we get to a certain design is almost as interesting as the end result.

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