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Enjoy the renovation

I think I’m catching up with the CPS sketches… here is day 7 (of 15).

This sketch was difficult for me. I like to tell a story with my card, and I like to make my own patterned paper / background paper. I usually combine challenges, so I have quite some guidelines for my card. E.g. Sketch, theme “in the garden” and “fairy”, embellishments, etc.

But due to the timeschedule and the amount of sketches (and a sick baby, although he sleeps a lot, the times he is awake he needs/wants 100% attention) I still have to complete for CPS, I didn’t take the time to look for other challenges with which to combine this one.

Ah wait, before I continue about how I made it, let’s just put an image here so you can see what I’m talking about.

Here is the sketch from CPS:

CPS #242

My take on it:

Obviously, with this card I would like to participate in the CPS challenge – CPS 5th anniversary day 7, sketch # 242 from CardPositioningSystems.

When I start a card I don’t know what it is going to look like. I design it on the go, make it choose it’s own design. To make this one a bit easier I told myself I’d have to use some scraps. Now I’ve been saving almost every piece of paper that was left over after trimming a card or after using a cutting die. I decided I’d use these. I selected the colours, started laying it out, and quite liked this. I said earlier I like flowing lines, but in this case it’s all more or less straight lines. But a bit chaotic. For embellishments I chose white, as I didn’t want to accentuate any colour. The flowers are the Tim Holtz mini rosettes, and I cut the “leaves” to different lengths to match other pieces.

Then I wondered about the occasion of the card. It did remind me of paintsamples, so it has become a “Congratulations on your new home” card. Ofcourse, with a new home comes a new key 🙂

There, done.

At least, that’s what I tought first. But somehowe it didn’t feel finished. So I added an emobssed outlining around the edges. Finished. I took pictures, and when looking at the on my pc I still didn’t think that was it. It was missing something in the right lower corner. I thought of stamping a house there. I have 2 stamps of house-silhouettes. One I have used before in Monochrome Dutch Delft Blue, and the other is more a skyline of a big city. But which one to choose? I didn’t have anyone in mind for the card, and what if they buy an appartment and I used the cosy cottage stamp? Or the other way around? So, no houses on it. What then? Ofcourse, a paint bucket! That way it’s obvious the stripes represent paintsamples, and it fits the alternative sentiment I had in mind: Good luck on the renovation.

I didn’t have a stamp of a brush and/or paintbucket, so what do you do in that case? I didn’t feel like looking on the internet for an image, I should know how a paintbucket and brush looks! So I drew one myself and coloured it with derwents. I do like it that it stands out from the card, it is indeed the finishing touch. I like how the image is a bit cartoony and the colours a bit “harder” then the paper colours. It almost looks like a touch of humour!

The tag with the sentiment and key is not permanently attached to the card, so it could be moved around or changed for another sentiment.

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