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A little bird told me

Now this is a card I’m very pleased with. I should be, considering the amount of time it cost me to make it! I’ll explain what I did in more detail later.

The card is based on the CardPositioningSystems 5th anniversary day 4 sketch: CPS#220

And here is my card:

With this card I would like to enter in the following challenges:

Materials used

Wallpaper (Harlequin -Indulgence Sophistication 25679)  raffia ribbon (I don’t know if that is the right english word), some decorational ribbon (the green fringed stuff), wool, ink (brandless and Dew Drop Moonlight white), glitterglue for heatgun, toothpicks (yup! Can you see/guess where?), little plastic baublethingies which I got at Hornbach (a big hardware store with a garden department and decoration department, these stones are used in vases and such), ironwire, paper pen karmine red, plain cardstock and last but not least: The digital image Lacey Lady from French Kissed. I think that was all the materials…

How I made it

First I chose the wallpaper, I wanted something shiny and floral and garden themed. I liked this wallpaper as it’s not too overwhelming. As I wanted to follow the ribbon theme I searched through my stack of ribbon for something to match the image and wallpaper, I wanted something nature, natural. I chose this natural looking raffiaribbon.

Then on to how to use the raffia. I first thought of just a frame around the image, and a bit lower, like the cps sketch. Then I thought it would be nice if it also filled that lower area. Hmm how to do that? By knitting  ofcourse! Now, you should know I am NOT a knitter. I learned it at elementary school about 24 years ago. I remember it clearly: the teacher even gave me my project to take home and redo it because it was so messy. I didn’t like knitting. Then I did it again when I was about 13?14?, with that giftribbon stuff, to make a hula skirt (grass skirt) out of it, I knitted the band and then hooked the ribbon through it. I started another of those grassskirts when I was studying, so about 20 I think, because the first one was a bit too short. I never finished it – Somewhere I still have that waistband part on 1 knitting needle. I have no idea where and couldn’t be bothered to look for it. I did have my other knitting needle nearby – it always stood near my brushes, in case .. eh…in case.. .something fell behind the radiator (the heater) maybe? Seemed like a good idea to have a knittingneedle somewhere. As a substitute for my missing needle I used a brush – which was conveniently located in the same storage can as my knitting needle!

After a few tries and some help from teh internetz I had my first row:

And there’s Charlie, helping me get better at knitting by trying to make me do it without seeing it.

And here is it done. And the secret as to where I used the toothpicks.

Back to the cardbase. I glued the lady down. My initial idea was to make a green background by stamping lots of flowers and leaves on the right side of the grame around her, and some onto the image. Only the ink didn’t take that well on the smooth silvery part of the wallpaper. It looked messy, and ugly. So I had to cover it up. I did like the white roses, and at some parts (top and the image) you can still see the stamps, which is ok because these look good, and it does have the effect that there is another layer behind the wool.

I decided I’d make a “prieel” kind of thing, or an arch along which grow flowers. I searched for a vinestem and found it in the mossy-like covered wire. I cut several pieces and twisted them into eachother and let branches leap out, then I started making the flowers with the joycraft flower die. The die cuts out the parts for 1 flower at a time, and there are about 21 flowers on the card. Lots of cuttlebugging, inking (I inked the edges a tiny bit, the first 12 white, the last 9:  6 ahint of pink and 3 totally pink)(oh and green for the leaves for the last 9) rolling and gluing.

Still it didn’t seem complete, with all the floweres arranged, so I added wool. I liked the mossy look a lot! Added wool, glued down the flowers with my gluegun, which still held sparkly green glue. As the theme for Truly Madly Crafty was glitter, I used that for the heart of the first 12 flowers. Then I added the gems (ok not really gems, but hey, imagine!)

After the gems it was time for the second batch of roses to be put into place. I didn’t want to give them a green heart too as it would be a bit too much, so I used gold. There was a clear gluestick in my gluegun now which I couldn’t get out, so I melted the gold stick with the tip of the gluegun and then put the tip into the flower. The pink roses also got a dot of paper pen karmine red.

Still, it wasn’t finished. There was a bit of balance lacking, so I added the fringy ribbon. That’s better. But still something lacking. My intention had been to use the rosette as a base for more little flowers, but it would be too much. I decorated it with moss wool and stones and left a space for a big flower. But that wouldn’t seem right – a big flower would draw attention (more then the rosette did now), and the focus would have to be the three pink roses and the rose coloured cheeks of Miss Lacey. It kind of resemebld a birds nest. And what is more lovely then a bird in your garden, singing from the branches from the hedge? So my final touch was the bird. I coloured the stamp a dirt-brown and then lightly tapped it with black. I loved the result, the hint of brown. But it deserved more beauty, so time for the spray glue and glitter!

No heads or tail for you!

While that was drying I took some pictures of the card while the sun was beginning to set, here are a few I love:

(We’re renovating that room)

And with bird:

When I was finished I saw these on the balcony, enjoying the food I had put up for the birds! Did they know I just made one in their image?

I hadn’t fed them earlier this winter because it hadn’t really been freezing yet. I only start to feed when the ground is frozen or in spring. Now it was very cold and freezing, so they sure deserved some extra food! Did you know that birds can loose up to 10% of their bodyfat at night when it freezes about -10 degrees (celsius)? And in spring they need extra food too, as they are still weak from winter but have to prepare their nest and breed.


16 thoughts on “A little bird told me

  1. Debbie, this is awesome and i’m not just saying that because it’s a FrenchKissed image:) so many layers and textures; a real tactile treat!!
    ps i see you enjoy the birds like i do.

  2. What a really pretty card, perfect for our theme.

    Thank you so much for joining us In the Garden at Stampalot this month, good luck and hope to see you again.

    B x

  3. What a great card, love all the detail. Thanks for joining us at Just Tracys. By the way I love your cat Charlie, I have got 2 just like him. Jill x

  4. Wow….you sure put a lot of effort into this card. Good thing because it’s absolutely STUNNING!!
    Thanks for playing at Just Tracy’s and good luck,

  5. Wow! This is fabulous – so much gorgeous texture!
    Thank you for joining us at Sir Stampalot this month.
    Clare x

  6. Absolutely beautiful, thanks for joining us for our IN THE GARDEN challenge
    over at Sir Stampalot this month
    and good luck !


  7. Debbie
    I am thrilled you discovered French Kissed Postcards via my Blog, Adorn. It is always wonderful to step outwith our comfort zone and try something new, which is what you did by purchasing scans from Trishia. Aren’t they wonderful, so many gorgeous images to choose from.
    Your card is positively stunning, breathtaking in fact.
    Have a wonderful weekend and so glad I have now “met” you.

  8. Very enterprising to knit your own embellishment, and it works beautifully! A stunning card. Thank you for sharing it with us at Stampalot Challenge this month, and good luck.

    Lynne x

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