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Oh boy, you are in my heart

That sentence kept going in my head, with the intonation varying each time. I liked all possible ways to say it :). For my opinion of the card, read below. But first form your own opinion with this image!

A little explanation: The front hart can be folded to the left. It’s still the front of the card behind it, it actually opens up. You can see the front and back in the picture on the right side. (I edited some private text out which I put on the back though, didn’t think of making a picture of it before that)

I do like the idea of the card, the colours and texture. I don’t like that I didn’t manage to cut the hearts in the same shape (cut it several times, but each time somehow I did stray from the line because I couldn’t see the line as my hand was in the way!) So this is not my cleanest or most perfect card. However, I do like the rusty look and the fact that is a manly card with a female heat in it!

Only now I realized I hardly used stamps, the little heart on the inside is a stamp. The dots are made with acryllic paint and a cake-decoration thingy from IKEA. The text and background flowers on the inside are tissue paper modpodged onto it.

Oh wait, I did sort of stamp, on the dia-frame! Ok ok that doesn’t count;). The picture is aged in Paint.net. The green is ink on old paper, so the texture you see is that of the paper.

I’m not sure if I should enter a challenge with this card, as obviously the shape isn’t well done, but I do like the general look of it. I wonder if anyone would ever post something negative about my cards. Hmm time for a new post about helping me improve!

I do want to enter a challenge with it but am a bit shy about posting this card if I should be drawn as winner when it comes to random winners. Ofcourse, if a designteam actually looks at the card and selects the best, then I can be assured it’sok to post it.

Question to design team members: What would you do if you had a random challenge winner and you really felt the card was way below standards? I can’t really judge my own cards that well. I made them, there is something in it that I like. They are not perfect, but I doubt I’ll ever think they are perfect, always some glue that has crept out, or inkt a bit smeard, or a little fingerprint or miscut somewhere..

So here are more bigger sized pictures. The light pictures are actually scans of the card, so I think the colours are most accurate there. The darker pictuers where takein in a sunlit room (which I thought was quite sunny, but apparantly was not…)

With this card I would like to participate in the following challenges:

Oh boy
Oh boy,
You are in my heart
My heart pops out for you?

This one was made a bit brighter in paint.net, you can see the little heart popping out here. (and the failed painted heart inside!)

10 thoughts on “Oh boy, you are in my heart

  1. Really a wonderful heart! Don’t worry it has’nt to be perfect at all. Maar volgens mij kan het ook in het nederlands hier ;
    Het is echt een creatief en ‘kunstig’ hart geworden. En het pop-up gedeelte vind ik top gedaan!
    Dank je wel voor deze DCL-bijdrage.

    Groetjes, Angèle

  2. Hoi Debbie. Mooi hart heb je gemaakt. Dat het niet perfect gesneden is maakt niet uit, dat draagt juist bij aan de rustieke uitstraling. Mooie, warme kleuren en het pop-up hart geeft het nog een extra verrassing. Mooi gedaan!
    Bedankt voor het meedoen met DCL.
    Groetjes, Jose
    PS We werken bij DCL gelukkig niet met een random selected winnaar.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    l adore your “oh boy,you are in my heart” so much work has been put into it !
    You should have no worries about showing this card…love it and think it is very shabby Chic which i love!
    Hearts are my thing and i looove it!
    Thanks for joining in over at Truly Madly Crafty and good luck.

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